SL D1C; Aylesbury United v Coleshill Town match preview + Ducks defender Jordan Jenkins reveals all

Saturday 14th September 2019
Aylesbury United v Coleshill Town
Southern League Division One Central
The Meadow
K.O. 3.00pm


(This season’s) League standings:

Southern League Division One Central (20 teams)

Aylesbury United 4th

Coleshill Town 15th


(Last season’s) League standings:

Southern League Division One Central (20 teams)

Aylesbury United 15th

Coleshill Town 9th


This game last season:

9th February 2019

Aylesbury United 3 (Harry Jones, Harry Tucker, Tre Mitford)

Coleshill Town 4 (Joe Halsall, Joe Smith, Jordan Nadat, Amavir Sandu)


Last five games:

Aylesbury United:

L 0-3 home v Walthamstow 8th September FA Cup

D 0-0 home v Berkhamsted 4th September SL

W 1-4 away v Daventry Town 31st August SL

D 0-0 home v Didcot Town 26th August SL

W 1-3 away v Brimscombe & Thrupp 24th August FA Cup

Coleshill Town:

L 2-0 away v Biggleswade 31st August SL

W 4-1 home v Daventry Town 26th August SL

L 0-3 home v Whitchurch Alport 24th August FA Cup

L 3-1 away v Corby Town 21st August SL

D 2-2 home v Barton Rovers 17th August SL


Jordan Jenkins

Ahead of the game Sports Shots caught up with Ducks defender Jordan Jenkins to ask how his summer was, and if he got much time to relax away from football:

I really enjoy having a couple of months off after a long season and it gave me a chance to recover from an injury I picked up towards the end of last season. Once July comes around though, you start missing it and look forward to getting back in the swing of things

Joined United this summer which must have been a tough decision to make, what influenced his choice and were there any other clubs that wanted him?

I had quite a bit of interest from various clubs but ultimately wanted to try and stay playing at step four. Knowing a fair few of the lads already always helps and it’s been a very easy dressing room to fit in to, I left Haywood Way on good terms so it’s also been pleasing to see Paul and his team start the season well

How does he feel pre-season & the early league games have gone personally so far?

Having missed the first few weeks of pre-season with work commitments, I steadily got fitter from the first PSF whilst getting to know players and how Ben wants the team to operate. As a centre half, four clean sheets out of five in the league is a great return so I’m very pleased with how things have started

What are the expectations and/or targets for the season for Jordan, and the squad as a whole?

Personally, I tend to judge myself on the goals against column and keeping it as low as possible although it would be nice to grab a few goals along the way. Having been lingering towards the lower end of this division for a few years now, it’s been refreshing to have a great start so we’ll be hoping to continue that way and stay in the top half

Who has been his biggest influence in football?

I’d probably have to say my mum. My dad managed my brother’s team growing up, so she was normally the one taking me to games and supporting from the sidelines. Mind you, she’s also my harshest critic!

How much belief is there in the squad that they can have a successful season, and which players will be key for you to achieve this?

With the start we’ve had, I think we have every right to be aiming for a top half finish to improve on last season’s standing, one thing that has stood out for me is that there are no real egos in the group and it’s a collective squad effort. It’s well known the club can’t compete with the budgets in this league so it’s nice to have a squad who aren’t primarily concerned with their ‘expenses’ envelope on a Saturday

Home to Coleshill this week, do United know anything about them this season?

They were in and around the playoffs for a lot of last season, something I’m sure they’ll want to achieve again this time around. Both games against them last year were tough encounters which you come to expect against the midlands teams

Who is the biggest moaner in the dressing room?

Probably Ducks legend and kitman Ron Schmidt, he certainly puts the world to rights

What is his typical pre-match routine before he gets to the ground?

I don’t tend to do much on Saturday mornings to be honest, a bit of pasta for lunch whilst catching the first half of the early kick-off

In the current squad, who is the most under rated player in Jordan’s opinion?

Lewis Osborne, having never played with or against him before this season, I haven’t seen many with better footwork than him

Who has the worst dress sense at the club?

I’ll have to say Luke Robertson the physio having worn some luminous pineapple print socks whilst taking us through the warm up against Berkhamsted last week. Absolutely horrendous!

When he leaves the football pitch on a Saturday, what is the first result he looks for elsewhere, and why?

I’m a long suffering Leeds fan so they’re first. Otherwise I’m looking out for mates at Aston Clinton and Winslow as well as the other results in our league

Ben Seaton

Who is the last person he would let choose the music in the dressing room (or car) on match day, and why?

Ben Seaton! Myself, Ollie Hogg and Seats have a bit of a car share going on this season and he got very emotional during a few songs on the way back from Wantage a couple of weeks back. All a bit embarrassing and not sure I could endure that again

What’s the one game this season he most wants to win and why?

After last Sunday’s disappointment, probably the FA trophy final when the Ducks march to Wembley!

And finally, after Jordan scores a hatrick today, what can supporters buy him in the bar afterwards?

I’m ‘out out’ tonight so a few beers whilst watching the pigs fly overhead

Sports Shots would like to thank Jordan for his time this week

FAV; Aylesbury Vale Dynamos v Rugby Borough preview + AVDFC midfielder Carl Tappin reveals all

Saturday 14th September 2019
Aylesbury Vale Dynamo’s (step 5) v Rugby Borough (step 7)
FA Vase Second Round Qualifying
Haywood Way
HP19 9WZ
K.O. 3.00pm


(This season’s) League standings:

Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division (21 teams)

Aylesbury Vale Dynamos 5th


Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division (16 teams)

Rugby Borough 3rd


(Last season’s) League standings:

Southern League Division One Central (20 teams)

Aylesbury FC 19th (r)


Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division (16 teams)

Rugby Borough 1st (c)


This game last season:



Last five games:

Aylesbury FC:

L 1-3 home v Biggleswade United 7th September SSMFL

W 3-1 home v Leverstock Green 3rd September FA Vase rep

D 1-1 away v Leverstock Green 31st August FA Vase

L 4-5 home v North Leigh 24th August FA Cup

L 0-1 home v Codicote 20th August SSMFL LCT

Rugby Borough:

W 2-0 home v Kibworth Town 9th September BH League Cup

W 5-1 home v Thurnby Rangers 7th September LSLP

W 2-1 home v British Airways 31st August FA Vase

W 5-1 home v Desford 19th August LSLP

W 3-2 home v County Hall 17th August LSLP


Carl Tappin

Ahead of the season opener Sports Shots caught up with Dynamo’s midfielder Carl Tappin to ask if he got much time away from football over the summer to relax:

Honestly after last season I was relieved to have some time away from it. I play a lot of Futsal away from football so I used that as my way of staying in shape

Re-joined Aylesbury this summer, what influenced your choice and were there any other clubs that wanted you?

I wanted to join a club where I knew I’d be utilised in the right way, previously I’ve ended up playing roles or positions I’m not suited to and me being selfish didn’t want that to happen again. A few clubs did approach me but I was pretty set on Aylesbury after my conversation with the gaffer

How do you feel pre-season & the early league games have gone for you personally so far?

I feel like when I’ve played in midfield I’ve played pretty well, not my best but by no means my worst either, consistent is probably the best word to use. The most recent league game I played left back (and in the past couple cup games before that) and I found this a lot more challenging. I’ve got a lot more to give and thankfully many more games to do so

What are the expectations and/or targets for the season for you yourself, and the squad as a whole?

I personally have set myself a five goal target as I know I need to improve this area of my game a lot. I think as a squad we should aim to compete in the top six of the division, I think that’s fair for the squad considering the age of the personnel

Who has been your biggest influence in football?

A coach when I was younger called Edwin Stein. He coached me for about three years and developed the basics of my game hugely, and that’s where I developed the most in my youth and I guess where I draw my footballing beliefs and opinions from

How much belief is there in the squad that you can have a successful season, and which players will be key for you to achieve this?

We all know we have talent, ability and the belief we can do well, it’s just being consistent that’s important. I think the key players will be our forward players, scoring goals is where we seemed to have struggled most recently so our front men will be key

Home to Rugby this week, do you know anything about them?

I personally never look into who a team are or where they are, I turn up with the mentality of they’re just another side I’m looking to beat

Joe Fitzgerald

Who is the biggest moaner in the dressing room?

I would say either Joe Fitzgerald, he loves a good old moan, or maybe Harry Scott, he could smile once or twice bless him

What is your typical pre-match routine before you get to the ground?

I usually wake up and watch Soccer AM, sort my football bag out, collect my brother and Alfie Gaspar and make my way to the game in the luxury of my Corsa

In your current squad, who is the most under rated player in your opinion?

There are two players who are under rated for me. One is Alfie Touceda who for me has been our best player this season but often doesn’t get the praise he deserves. The other is actually my brother Ryan, he hasn’t been very fortunate in terms of minutes played and I know for a fact that when he gets his opportunity he will deliver

Who has the worst dress sense at the club?

I would say probably Bruno Brito, always dresses a bit strange 👀

When you leave the football pitch on a Saturday, what is the first result you look for elsewhere, and why?

Manchester United and recently every single time it’s been pure disappointment

Who is the last person you would let choose the music in the dressing room (or car) on matchday, and why?

Wethers (James Weatherill) for a fact, he loves some of the older rubbish that none of us know and it’s dreadful!

What’s the one game this season you most want to win and why?

I always want to win every match however for me I would love to go on a vase run like I have done previously!!!

Finally, after you’ve scored a hatrick today, what can supporters buy you in the bar afterwards?

A pint of dark fruits would go down an absolute treat!

Sports Shots would like to thank Carl for his time this week

BBFA ST; Mursley United v Hanslope match preview + United midfielder Tom Brazier reveals all

Saturday 14th September 2019
Mursley United v Hanslope
Berks & Bucks Senior Trophy 1st Round
Station Road
K.O. 3.00pm


(This season’s) League standings:

Spartan South Midlands Division Two (15 teams)

Mursley United 4th


North Bucks & District League Premier Division (12 teams)

Hanslope 4th


(Last season’s) League standings:

Spartan South Midlands Division Two (15 teams)

Mursley United 6th


North Bucks & District League premier Division (12 teams)

Hanslope 5th


This game last season:



Last five games:

Mursley United:

W 2-0 home v Totternhoe 31st August SSMFL

L 3-6 home v Park View 24th August SSMFL LCT

W 3-2 away v Bovingdon 17th August SSMFL

D 5-5 home v Aston Clinton 20th April SSMFL

D 2-2 home v Berkhamsted Raiders 13th April SSMFL


W 2-1 home v City Colts 7th September NBDL

L 4-0 away v Aylesbury Vale BD 31st August NBDL

L 3-1 away v Potterspury 27th August NBDL

W 11-0 home v Stoke Hammond 24th August NBDL

W 3-1 home v Towcester Town 20th August NBDL


Tom Brazier

Ahead of the game Sports Shots caught up with Mursley midfielder Tom Brazier to ask if he had much time away from the game over the summer:

I enjoy the weeks off in the summer to relax. Pre-season comes around fast though & of course I could not wait for the new season to start!

Re-joined Mursley in the summer, what influenced your decision & were there other clubs interested?

There was a bit of interest in me elsewhere but I was set on re-signing for Mursley. We have a good set of lads here and our very strong finish to last season was encouraging

How do you feel pre-season & the early league games have gone for you personally so far?

I feel I have performed well so far this year but would like to keep improving as the season goes on. I’ve been happy with my all round game, I just need to add more goals now

What are the expectations and/or targets for the season for you yourself, and the squad as a whole?

As a team the main target is to finish inside the top three and there is no reason we shouldn’t be doing this. Personally I’d like to be scoring twenty plus goals this year but I’m not fussed how many I score as long as we’re right up there at the end of the season

Who has been your biggest influence in football?

It’s hard to say who my biggest influence in the game has been. My youth coaches and family helped me to improve a lot growing up

How much belief is there in the squad that you can have a successful season, and which players will be key for you to achieve this?

There is more belief than ever that we can be successful and win things this year. It sounds obvious but it’s important the whole squad does well for us to be successful and I don’t see any weaknesses in it so far

Home to Hanslope this week, do you know anything about them?

I don’t know anything about Hanslope. I’m sure it’ll be a tough game but one we are expecting to win to keep our momentum going

Who is the biggest moaner in the dressing room?

Danny Simpson! He’d argue with a lamppost!

What is your typical pre-match routine before you get to the ground?

It varies! Got to have a coffee and sort a playlist out before leaving home though

Tom Lloyd-Roberts

In your current squad, who is the most under rated player in your opinion?

Either Jack Bradford or Tom Lloyd-Roberts

Who has the worst dress sense at the club?

Tough one! Sam Cartwright has some dodgy stuff so I’ll go with him

When you leave the football pitch on a Saturday, what is the first result you look for elsewhere, and why?

Northampton Town, always supported them and they’re a local team

Who is the last person you would let choose the music in the dressing room (or car) on matchday, and why?

Probably the gaffer Jamie Lands, We gave him DJ duties once… never again!

What’s the one game this season you most want to win and why?

All are important, I’d say Old Bradwell though who I’m sure are looking to be in and around the top spots aswell. They’re a good side and it’s always a tough game against them

Finally, after you’ve scored a hatrick today, what can supporters buy you in the bar afterwards?

A pint in the bar would do me nicely after my perfect hat trick this week!

Sports Shots would like to thank Tom for his time this week

CCL D8; Buckingham Town CC IV’s clinch promotion in dramatic style with win at Thame

Thame Town CC III’s – 160 all out off 41 overs
Buckingham Town CC IV’s – 188-8 off 45 overs

Buckingham celebrate victory & promotion


Buckingham Town CC IV’s produced their performance of the season on Saturday to beat Thame Town and secure promotion from Cherwell Cricket League Division Eight to spark huge celebrations after the game. Heading over to Thame, who were not only already league champions but had only lost one game all summer and had soundly beaten their visitor’s in the reverse fixture earlier in the year, Town knew they were going to have produce a performance to top anything they had achieved this summer, batting first they were reduced to ninety-six for seven where it looked like the season was to end in bitter disappointment, but a huge late partnership between Albert Johnson & Ben Cater saw Town finish on one hundred & eighty-eight, three early wickets fell in the Thame innings but Guy Holmes came out to frustrate the Town attack, passing his half century it seemed the game was slipping away but skipper Dane Tuttlebee made the breakthrough removing the run scorer and with the final four wickets then falling for just sixteen runs Buckingham were promoted, inflicting the hosts first defeat since the eighth of June.

The home side won the toss and put their guests into bat which seemed a great decision as Oscar Bones & Andy Thatcher were removed early on, from sixteen for two the away side doubled their score before Anant Peshavaria was caught with his score on six, Ade Johnson who opened the batting ticked the score along but was eventually bowled by Nicolas Humphries when on twenty-three. Luke Tory & Russell Thompson then added a further forty to steady the ship with the former making thirty-seven before he was stumped & Thompson bowled when on twenty, however a further three wickets inside six runs saw the score slump to ninety-six for seven and the odds of an away win looked bleak, but Johnson & Cater refused to be beaten and their partnership worth eighty-two brought the contest back to life. Cater top scored with forty-two until he was caught late on, Johnson finishing forty not out gave Town hope, pick of the Thame attack saw Humphries finish with three wickets for twenty-nine runs off his ten overs, Vimal Desai taking two for fifty-six.

Guy Holmes reaches half century for Thame

Andy Jinman opened alongside Manil Subesinghe for Thame and were quickly removed by Matthew Dipple & Ryan Spragg respectively, Justin Avery was then run out with his score on twenty-one and the hosts were forty-two for three. But Holmes came to the crease and scored regularly alongside James McStay putting on thirty-three between them, the latter eventually caught behind off the bowling of Tory whilst Tim Lester was trapped lbw by Dipple soon after, Paddy Harris then got in an awful mix up with Holmes chasing runs and ended up stranded to be run out & at this stage Thame still needed a further eighty-seven with four wickets intact. Ian McStay teamed up with Holmes then as Buckingham toiled in the late afternoon sunshine, their pairing worth forty-two looked to turn the odds back in the hosts favour until Holmes was eventually out for sixty-eight as Tuttlebee removed his bails.

This rejuvenated the Buckingham belief, just a run later Ian McStay fell on twenty and despite adding a further fifteen runs the overs began ticking down, the game was finally put to bed as Spragg collected two wickets in the same forty-first over, Humphries caught behind for thirteen & Vimal Desai caught & bowled to signal the end of a pulsating match. Spragg ended highest wicket taker with four for forty-seven off his ten overs, Dipple taking two for eighteen off nine.

Match scorecard:
Final league table:

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CCL D6; Buckingham Town CC III’s finish season with win over Horley II’s at Fringford

Buckingham Town CC III’s – 134-6 off 26 overs
Horley CC II’s – 133 all out off 42.3 overs


Mike Taylor top scored with 31


Buckingham Town CC III’s rounded off their title winning campaign with victory over Horley CC II’s on Saturday at Fringford and finish their season twenty-seven points off second place Bledlow Village CC II’s as both look forward to division five cricket in the Cherwell Cricket League next term. Six different bowlers saw success as Town bowled their hosts out for one hundred & thirty-three, in reply Richard Hart produced good bowling figures as he took four wickets but it was not enough as the league winners claimed the win with four wickets to spare off just twenty-six overs, Michael Taylor top scoring with thirty-one.

The visitor’s won the toss and chose to bat first which appeared a good choice as openers Samuel Higgs & Stuart Burgess reached twenty-six before the former was bowled by Andy Humphries, in the very next over Patrick Barry removed the bails of the other opener without a run being added but from there Horley dug in again with a forty-one run pairing between Mark Tubb & Perran Moon. Tubb made twenty-three & Moon reached fifteen before they were both removed just four runs apart, Henry Moon made ten until he was caught off Joseph Bleasdale & Jack Rowley was run out when on six but William Connor was to enjoy the top score for his side as he made twenty-four until Fin Clark saw him off. Hart was given leg before off Town skipper Brij Valambhia & Dom Pritchard saw off the tail to finish the innings, Pritchard, Bleasdale & Clark all taking a pair of wickets each with singles for Barry, Humphries and the captain.

Buckingham opened with Taylor & Ryan Bell and they made thirty until the latter was caught with his score on eighteen, Amit Chauhan joined Taylor and they enjoyed a forty-four run partnership until the new batsmen was stumped when on fifteen. Taylor was caught just five runs later & Vishal Valambhia was trapped lbw for just eight but Pritchard alongside Greg Wise added thirty-one runs until the former was caught, Brij Valambhia was run out for seven leaving Wise with Barry to see their side home, the wicket keeper finishing twenty-two not out. Richard Hart the pick of the bowlers for Horley ending with four wickets for twenty-eight runs off his seven overs.

Match analysis:
Final league table:

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CCL D1; Buckingham Town CC II’s end season with defeat to Long Marston CC

Buckingham Town CC II’s – 139 all out off 36.5 overs
Long Marston CC – 141-1 off 25 overs


Steve Beck top scored with 51


Buckingham Town CC II’s finished their season with defeat on Saturday at Bourton Road as Long Marston took the win they needed to keep themselves in the Cherwell Cricket League top division meaning Shipton-under-Wychwood join Town in division two next season. Early wickets had the hosts in all sorts of trouble but a fine partnership between the departing skipper Steve Beck and stand in captain Matthew Thatcher worth seventy lifted spirits, Beck eventually went on to reach his half century as the home side set their guests a target of one hundred & forty for victory, Marston captain James Beesley led his side with an unbeaten seventy as the visitor’s reached their goal for the loss of just one wicket.

Marston won the toss and elected to field and soon had Dave Barnes & Ali Martin back in the pavilion as the scoreboard saw Buckingham three for two in just the third over, Alex Gilder came to the crease to join opener Thatcher and the pair enjoyed a forty-one run partnership until the new batsmen was caught behind when on eighteen. Blake James bowling then trapped Greg Liebenberg leg before to set up a hatrick opportunity but his third ball was given as a wide, but the very next delivery saw Ollie Drage caught to provide a hatrick in legal balls delivered.

But from forty-five for five Town recovered as Beck joined Thatcher to take the home sides score over the hundred mark, the latter eventually bowled by Laura Sandy with his score on twenty-two, Richard Pengelly faced just four deliveries until he was trapped lbw by Alistair Bee & Ollie Peacock added just two before he fell to the same bowler. Beck reached fifty-one before he was run out, the innings over just two runs later as Neville Pritchard was bowled, James ending with five wickets for just twenty-one runs off his eight overs, with Alistair Bee claiming three for nineteen.

It took just two pairings for the visitor’s to reach their target, Beesley opening with Paul Marsh saw the score reach forty-seven before the latter was removed by Tom Taylor, Mike Lyon coming to the crease adding the ninety-four required with his skipper to seal the win and safety for another season.

Match analysis:
Final league table:

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Buckingham Town CC Sunday XI finish season with win over Mursley

Report: Bob Hutt

Images: Sports Shots

Amit Chauhan hit 52 and took 2 wickets

Buckingham Town CC Sunday eleven ended their season with a six wicket win over near neighbours Mursley at the weekend.

Mursley won the toss and elected to bat in a thirty five over per side match and made a respectable one hundred & seventy-two for the loss of five wickets. Top scorers were B. Webb not out forty three and skipper Wayne Nolan chipped in with thirty eight. For Buckingham there were two wickets for Amit Chauhan and one apiece for Tom Woodham, Nathan Holmes and Olly Peacock.

After losing two early wickets cheaply Town saw Amit Chauhan (retire on fifty two not out) and Adrian Freeman (forty two) set up the victory and Anant Peshavaria with thirty five not out completed the task. For Mursley N. Root took three wickets for forty two.

SSMFL; INANE RAMBLINGS FROM UP NORFF 09.09.2019 – South Midlands League update #9



The Views Expressed Are Solely My Own, Are Written Tongue In Cheek

And Should Be Taken With A Pinch Of Salt



There were first league points of the new campaign for Potton United, Amersham Town and Bovingdon. Saturday brought about 120 goals from the 29 games (an average of 4.14 per game). St Panteleimon topping the charts with 7 while Newport Pagnell Town hit six. Courtney Massay (St Panteleimon) topped the individual scoring charts with five, Jim Burnside (Newport Pagnell Town) weighed in with four while Matt Cruse (Buckingham Athletic) netted a hat-trick.


7 September Stats: 29 games played of which 9 were home wins, 16 were away wins and 4 draws.


100% league record to date: Colney Heath, Berkhamsted Raiders, Mursley United and Old Bradwell United.


0% league records to date: North Greenford United, Buckingham United and Unite MK.


Saturday’s Highest Attendances: 245 Colney Heath v Corby Town, 221 Dunstable Town v Bishop’s Stortford and 156 Newport Pagnell Town v Leverstock Green.


Sin-Bins (1):


Total Sin-Bins Season to Date (49):




THE EMIRATES FA CUP First Round Qualifying

Alas the dream is over as all five SSML clubs exited the FA Cup on Saturday. Colney Heath went down 1-3 at home against Southern League Central side Corby Town, Dunstable Town found themselves five goals down at home against Step 3 side Bishop’s Stortford before hitting three late goals to succumb 3-5. Current Essex Senior League and former SSML club Hadley defeated Arlesey Town 3-2 while in front of a crowd of 388 Step 3 side Lowestoft Town edged past visiting Leighton Town 2-0.

The SSML sent roving reporter Dave Henman to the Wingate & Finchley v London Colney tie and he reports thus: – Forget the score!  Yes I know Wingate & Finchley progress to the next round but the final score is extremely harsh on London Colney. For long periods of the game Colney were the better side, and definitely played the better football as W & F played lots of the long balls. It was against the run of play when the hosts took the lead on 34 minutes when substitute Alan Fleming was first to the ball which came back off the post and he couldn’t miss an open goal from 2 yards out. Right on the stroke of half time Ieaun Lewis reacted quickest to another save from Shane Gore ( Ex Stevenage I believe ) to shoot home, which is no more than Colney deserved. If you think I’m biased the W & F committee were scathing of their own side at half time and stated Colney were the far better side. After no doubt a few “choice” words at half time the home side upped their game in the second half, but it still seemed pretty even to me. However once full back Tanasheh Abrahams fired a rocket shot home from outside the box on 61 minutes, albeit with a deflection, Colney had to take a few chances to try to get back on level terms. The clinching goal came after 78 minutes when in a 2 versus 2 situation the excellent Tage Kennedy (now where have I heard that name before !) outpaced the defence, cut inside, firing home from about 15 yards. The fourth goal on 81 minutes by Alan Fleming just rubbed salt into the wounds. The Non-League paper gave 2 goal Fleming as Man of the Match but in my opinion he was extremely lucky to still be on the field when he delivered a Kung Fu style “tackle” on one of Colney’s defenders. Their best players were the experienced Shane Gore were kept his side in it with some excellent saves, plus the best forward on the pitch was the afore mentioned Tage Kennedy. Colney didn’t deserve to lose especially by 4-1 and were a credit to the South Midlands League. The W & F committee were extremely hospitable and were full of praise for Colney especially their first half performance.

Full results and goalscorers listed below.

1-3 Colney Heath v Corby Town (Devine) / (Diggin [2], Dean) Attendance: 245

3-5 Dunstable Town v Bishop’s Stortford (Zunguzah, Little, Pobbe) / (Cureton [2], Charles [2], Barnwell [pen]) Attendance: 221

3-2 Hadley v Arlesey Town (Anwar, Bartram [pen], Ofori) / (Thake, Hatch) Attendance: 127

2-0 Lowestoft Town v Leighton Town (Linton, Cole) Attendance: 388

4-1 Wingate & Finchley v London Colney (Fleming [2], Abrahams, Kennedy) / (Lewis) Attendance: 111



No shocks in the League Challenge Trophy as Division One side Langford won 3-1 at Division Two club MK Gallacticos to set up a home tie with Leighton Town in Round Two. Full result and goalscorers listed below.

1-3 MK Gallacticos v Langford (J Smith) / (Bond, Foster, Rome) Attendance: 40



No change at the top as the top three all recorded impressive wins, again it’s the new boys leading the way with leaders Eynesbury Rovers defeating Baldock Town 2-0, Newport Pagnell Town are now second after defeating Leverstock Green 6-0 while Tring Athletic drop to third despite winning 4-2 at Crawley Green. Potton United moved off the bottom when they secured their first points of the season with a 2-1 win at Harpenden Town, replacing them at the bottom are North Greenford United who went down 0-3 at home to Oxhey Jets. The two London Derbies saw wins for both promoted clubs Harefield United (1-0 at home against Edgware Town) and Broadfields United (3-1 away against Wembley) while the day’s other league action saw Biggleswade United inflicting the first league defeat on Aylesbury Vale Dynamos when recording a 3-1 away win. Full results and goalscorers are listed below.

1-3 Aylesbury Vale Dynamos v Biggleswade United (Fitzgerald) / (Smith, Spavins, Caglar) Attendance: 92

2-4 Crawley Green v Tring Athletic (Ajigbolamu, Holmes) / (Ferrigno [2], Dash [pen], Lovell) Attendance: 50

2-0 Eynesbury Rovers v Baldock Town (Gentle, Peters) Attendance: 107

1-0 Harefield United v Edgware Town (Pacquette) Attendance: 105

1-2 Harpenden Town v Potton United (McGreevy) / (Agunbiade, Hamilton) Attendance: 63

6-0 Newport Pagnell Town v Leverstock Green (Burnside [4], Soetan, Unknown) Attendance: 156

0-3 North Greenford United v Oxhey Jets (Brennan, Opponent Own Goal, Cameron) Attendance: 68

1-3 Wembley v Broadfields United (Ebonine) / (Faux-James, Gardner, Smith) Attendance: 49



Matt Cruse

With the top four teams being assured of promotion this season the race for those placings remains a tight affair, new boys St Panteleimon remain top following a 7-3 win at Buckingham Athletic, while another new club Shefford Town & Campton move into second spot after winning 5-2 at Winslow United. Ampthill Town (3-3 at Rayners Lane) and Enfield Borough (2-1 winners at Bedford) currently occupy the other two promotion places with just two points separating the top four. At the bottom Hillingdon Borough move up one place after a 2-2 draw at home against Milton Keynes Robins with London Tigers now sitting at the foot of the table. Amersham Town picked up their first points of the campaign with a 4-2 win at London Lions. FC Broxbourne Borough doubled their points tally when they won for the first time when defeating New Salamis 4-1. Stotfold and Brimsdown both recorded away wins at Wodson Park and Park View respectively. Full results and goalscorers (where known) are listed below.

1-2 Bedford v Enfield Borough (McLeod-Bentley) / (Bangura [2]) Attendance: 20

3-7 Buckingham Athletic v St Panteleimon (Cruse [3] [2 pens]) / (Massay [5], Monti, Tajbakhsh [pen]) Attendance: 48

4-1 FC Broxbourne Borough v New Salamis (Unknown) / (Austin) Attendance: 48

2-2 Hillingdon Borough v Milton Keynes Robins (Hunt [2]) / (G Shrieves [2]) Attendance: 15

2-4 London Lions v Amersham Town (Unknown) / (Thomas [2], Deritis, Stevens) Attendance: 32

1-2 Park View v Brimsdown (Appiah) / (Mwamba, Tiryaki) Attendance: 10

3-3 Rayners Lane v Ampthill Town (Davis, R Hastings, Blagden) / (Cerminara [2], Skinner) Attendance: 46

2-5 Winslow United v Shefford Town & Campton (Almond [2] [1 pen]) / (Snee [2], Dougherty [pen], Renney, King) Attendance: 83

0-3 Wodson Park v Stotfold (Forsythe [pen], Buchanan, Gregson) Attendance: 20



Old Bradwell United moved to the top of the table with a 4-1 over The 61FC (Luton) whilst New Bradwell St Peter are now third after coming out on top by the odd goal in five against local rivals Unite MK, as a result the hosts remain at the bottom of the table. New boys Buckingham United opened their campaign with a narrow defeat at Sarratt while Aston Clinton returned home from their trip to Codicote with all three points following a solitary goal success. Elsewhere it was honours even as Bovingdon were held at home by Pitstone & Ivinghoe and Tring Corinthians AFC and Totternhoe played out the day’s only goalless game. Full results and goalscorers (where known) listed below.

1-1 Bovingdon v Pitstone & Ivinghoe (Unknown) / (Doughty) Attendance: 61

0-1 Codicote v Aston Clinton (Mealor) Attendance: 53

4-1 Old Bradwell United v The 61FC (Luton) (Daryll Smith [2] [1 pen], Collins, Green) / (Sinclair) Attendance: 44

2-1 Sarratt v Buckingham United (Rivers [2]) / (Odatolu) Attendance: 25

0-0 Tring Corinthians AFC v Totternhoe Attendance: 35

2-3 Unite MK v New Bradwell St Peter (McConnell, Mulholland) / (Kelsey [2], Ramswell) Attendance: 26

John Mulholland



Garry Monk is the 9th consecutive Sheffield Wednesday manager who wasn’t born on a Wednesday. The last one who was, Paul Sturrock, got them promoted. Seems pretty fool-proof.


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HL P; Brimscombe & Thrupp v Brackley Town Saints preview + manager Chris Hurley on season so far

Saturday 7th September 2019
Brimscombe & Thrupp v Brackley Town Saints
Hellenic League Premier Division
The Meadow
K.O. 3.00pm


(Last season’s) League standings:

Hellenic League Premier Division (19 teams)

Brackley Town Saints 3rd

Brimscombe & Thrupp 2nd


This game last season:

8th September 2018

Brimscombe & Thrupp 2 (John Evans, Ed Major)

Brackley Town Saints 3 (Ryan Knight x 2, Dean March)


Last four games:

Brackley Town Saints:

L 0-2 home v Longlevens AFC 31st August HL

W 0-1 away v Easington Sports 26th August HL

W 4-2 home v Old Bradwell United Development 21st August HLBSCC

L 1-2 home v Wantage Town 14th August FAC rep

Brimscombe & Thrupp:

L 0-1 home v Bishops Cleeve 3rd September HL

D 3-3 home v Westfields 31st August HL

D 3-3 away v Tuffley Rovers 26th August HL

L 1-3 home v Aylesbury United 24th August FAC


Chris Hurley

Ahead of the game Sports Shots caught up with Banbury manager Chris Hurley to ask how he feels the season has started for his squad?

In terms of results, I would say mixed and frustrating, in terms of performance, I would say really good. We have played really well in the league and the cup in all but our first game against Ardley in my opinion, we have been the better side & if we could convert the hat full of chances we create each game we would have two wins in the league and through to the second round of the FA Cup

Which of your games so far have pleased you the most and why?

Strangely enough Saturdays game at home to Longlevens, even though we lost the performance and commitment was excellent, we were dominant for eighty minutes & played some really good high tempo football, two mistakes cost us in the end, however the all-round performance was good

How would you describe your start in comparison to what you were expecting from your squad?

My standards are high so I will always expect us to be good, however with so many players injured or away, I haven’t been able to put out a settled side so expected the start to be tough and the results mixed, now things are starting to settle down, I expect us to go on a run

How have things been in and around the club since you started the season?

Things have been busy but good, the club house burning down has not been good for us however the new build has proved a good alternative until the club house is rebuilt. Brackley is a good club with some really good people so everyone wants to help, everyone seems to realise that the football comes first so we all push for the same thing

Have you had any problems of players leaving, or have you managed to add any since we last spoke?

In terms of players leaving, it was expected with the Saints not getting promotion and one or two wanting to play at a higher level, I have been managing for a number of years and have some good contacts so wasn’t really worried about players going because it was my intention to replace one or two plus look to promote two or three from the Under 18’s, in fact of the five players that left three have already returned, the two that didn’t have gone travelling, I have also added three new players that will add more quality to the group and also included the best of the Under 18’s to the group so in terms of numbers we are good

James Watts is back in training

Which players have impressed you so far and how?

There have been a number of players that have started well, Lewis Middleton from the 18’s has stepped up well and has already put in some good performances also Matt Crowther, I brought him in to replace Ali Worby and he has started really well, definitely a keeper for the future

How have you found the quality of the teams in the Hellenic so far?

That’s a difficult question to answer so early as a lot of teams have made changes from last season, be it manager or players, however I expect us to be strong this season and be difficult to beat

So many cup games already and more to come, is this a nice distraction from the league or a hindrance to putting a run together?

Personally I see it as a great opportunity to get things right if things need to be adjusted from a league game, a good opportunity to play players that are not getting a lot of football, to give them minutes or coming back from injury, and a good opportunity to play the youth players to see how they are progressing, players would always rather be playing games than training

Tough trip to Brimscombe this week, have you had much info on them so far?

Brimscombe will be a tough away fixture, fortunately I have watched them this season and they have good pace and character so we will have to be on point this weekend to get the result we want

Finally, any squad / team news ahead of the game?

In terms of squad news, we have injuries to Lewis Baldwin, George Ball, Jordan Godfrey, Dean March, James Watts and Sam Sherratt however I am hoping Dean March will pull through for this weekend and have James Watts back in training. We have also completed the signing of former West Brom youth player Lester Davies, we thought we had lost him to Banbury however after hard work he has joined Brackley

Sports Shots would like to thank Chris for his time this week

SSMFL D2; Sarratt v Buckingham United preview + manager Sean Devine’s thoughts on pre-season

Saturday 7th September 2019
Sarratt v Buckingham United
Spartan South Midlands League Division Two
George V Way
K.O. 3.00


Last season’s league standings:

North Bucks & District League Intermediate Division (11 teams)

Buckingham United 4th


Spartan South Midlands League Division Two (15 teams)

Sarratt 12th


This game last season:



Last four games:

Buckingham United:

L 1-2 home v Twyford United 23rd April NBDL

W 3-1 home v Mursley United Development 6th April NBDL

W 0-3 away v Clean Slate Reserves 23rd March NBDL

L 3-4 home v Wing Village 16th March NBDL


D 2-2 home v The 61 FC (Luton) 31st August SSMFL

D 2-2 away v Pitstone & Ivinghoe 24th August SSMFL

L 2-1 away v Colney Heath 20th August SSMFL LCT

L 2-3 home v Berkhamsted Raiders 17th August SSMFL


Sean Devine with cup winning Leighton Town development side

Ahead of the season opener Sports Shots caught up with United manager Sean Devine to ask if he’s had much time away from the game since last season finished?

No, I don’t think you ever totally switch off and obviously after joining a new club it was a busy summer with planning for the season ahead

When did you begin your pre-season training, and how were the first couple of sessions in terms of numbers and commitment?

We went back in early July, numbers were good and commitment was in abundance from all the players at the club including the reserves

How has it been signing on players, and have you lost many that have depleted your plans?

The signing of players has been ok as we did not need to add too many, maybe only needing to add three or four

How have your pre-season games been in terms of results & performances?

Results have been decent, and our performances have got better with the more games we have played

Simon King has this week signed for United

Do you still have players yet to sign on, or are you squad ready?

Our squad is more or less there, but you always need to leave the door open just in case players come along that you know will strengthen the squad

First game of the season this Saturday at Sarratt, what are you expecting & have you got much info on your opponents?

We are expecting a tough game from a team that is already looking hard to beat going off their results so far

At this early stage, what are you targets for the first few games?

To get as many points on the board as we can which helps with building confidence for a team new to this level

Finally, are there any games this season you are in particular looking forward to?

All of them, as they will no doubt all be different in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, & for us being our first season in this division

Sports Shots would like to thank Sean for his time this week