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The Sports Shots brand has grown since we started in January 2011 and the website continues to receive many visitors from the local community and even beyond. 2016 saw an amazing 3.8 million+ visits and we now have Dale James on board doing reports and photography work which takes us to another level for 2017.

Our advertising rates are as follows:

£100 for 12 months

Advert on website

Sports Shots visits sponsor to get photo plus profile of sponsor

Link used on Facebook and Twitter pages


£250 per year

Advert on website

Sports Shots visits sponsor to get photo plus profile of sponsor

Link used on Facebook and Twitter pages

Sponsor gets advert at top of website

Our brand and ethos are very popular with followers of local sport from North Buckinghamshire, including Milton Keynes, South Northamptonshire and the surrounding area.

Your company would get ongoing exposure, 24/7! Explained below is how the ‘Sports Shots effect’ would help you become well known via direct and indirect support! All at affordable, value for money rates!

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What do you get if you advertise with us?

Promotional article

An initial announcement welcoming your brand to our website. This would be promoted via our website, Facebook page and Twitter.
An additional promotional article to appear on the website advertising your brand.

Website advert box

An advert box that appears on the Sidebar of every page of the website.
There is an option to link to your company website by clicking on the advert box.
When you hover your cursor over the advert box there is an option for the visual advertisement to disappear and for text to appear. You can promote your business with additional eye-catching text.

Facebook & Twitter advert – A must read!
All of our news/photographs are uploaded to our Twitter page and our Facebook page

Once a news item is uploaded we advertise the link on our Social media platforms (with a photograph on Facebook, occasionally on Twitter) and the power of advertising is immediate.

The Sports Shots effect!
The news item/photograph will appear on people’s timelines straight away.


Facebook – People ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ & ‘Share’ photographs which means this then appears on ‘Friends of Friends’ timelines and spreads like wildfire!

Twitter – People and clubs ‘Favourite’ or ‘Retweet’; the effect of the latter sees our news item/photograph go to thousands.

This means people will then look at the item as, more often than not, they …

  • know other people involved in the match as a family member or friend.
  • have an interest in the item as a player or supporter from another club.

People do not even have to follow Sports Shots on social media to hear about our news items/photographs!

We have ‘Insights’ of the hits statistics; This goes into the thousands every week!

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