SSMFL D1; Wodson Park v Buckingham Athletic preview + Ath skipper Dan Staley reveals all

Saturday 28th September 2019
Wodson Park v Buckingham Athletic
Spartan South Midlands Division One
Wodson Park Sports Centre
SG12 0UQ
K.O. 3.00pm


Dan Staley

(This season’s) League standings:

South Midlands League Division One (20 teams)

Buckingham Athletic 16th

Wodson Park 18th


(Last season’s) League standings:

Spartan South Midlands Division One (20 teams)

Buckingham Athletic 4th

Wodson Park 15th


This game last season:

22th September 2018

Wodson Park 2 (Peter Sawyer, Mason Todd)

Buckingham Athletic 1 (Sam Olawale)


Last six games:

Buckingham Athletic:

W 1-2 away v Great Horwood 21st September BBST

W 6-0 home v Hillingdon 14th September FA Vase

L 3-7 home v St Panteleimon 7th September SSMFL

W 3-0 home v Shefford Town & Campton 31st August SSMFL

L 4-3 away v Langford 24th August SSMFL

L 4-1 away v Baldock Town 21st August SSMFL LCT


Wodson Park:

D 1-1 away v London Tigers 24th September SSMFL

L 6-1 away v Winslow United 21st September SSMFL

L 7-1 away v Stanway Rovers 14th September FA Vase

L 0-3 home v Stotfold 7th September SSMFL

W 2-1 home v Sawbridgeworth Town 31st August FA Vase

W 3-2 home v London Tigers 24th August SSMFL



Full Name:  Daniel Staley 

Age: 24 

Nationality: English 

Marital status: Not married 

Preferred shirt number: 5/6 but happy with my squad number of 7 (David Beckham similarities) 

Most effective position on the pitch: Centre half but can do a job as a target man (Hello Griff) 

Daytime job: Bricklaying

Former clubs: Buckingham Ath since 15


We asked Dan:

How was your summer, do you miss football when it finishes or is it nice to just get away from it and relax?

The off season is good for about one or two weekends but then I’m itching to get back to it

Re-signed on for Athletic this summer, what influenced your choice and were there any other clubs that wanted you?

Pretty easy choice to stay put again this year, with the strong building season we had last year I felt that this was the year to really push on and get out the league

How do you feel your early season games have gone for you personally so far?

We’ve had a tough start with some tough games, I’d like to think my personal performance have been ok, but the goals against column says otherwise and that’s ultimately what the defenders are judged on so plenty of room for improvement left and hopefully we can start tightening up as a whole team

What are the expectations and/or targets for the season for you yourself, and the squad as a whole?

Expectations still remain the same as the start of the season, and that’s promotion. It’s very realistic still but it’s a tough league this year so we will have to be at our best to do so but we’re confident we can. Personally my targets are just to concede as fewer goals as possible, which hasn’t got off to the greatest start but after a few changes I think we are heading in the right direction. I’ve bagged a couple myself also and that’s something I wanted to add to my game from defence so always nice to help out in that respect when I can

Who has been your biggest influence in football?

My grandad is probably the biggest influence. He’s definitely my biggest critic and he likes to tell me I’m not as good as he was, but I reckon he’s telling porkies!

How much belief is there in the squad that you can have a successful season, and which players will be key for you to achieve this?

The whole squad knows how well we can do when we are at our best, so belief is high. We’ve just got to learn how to win ugly sometimes as a team. Every man in the squad is important as it’s a long season

Away at Wodson Park this week, do you know anything about them & what are you expecting from them?

I haven’t heard much about Wodson this season. The league table suggests they haven’t been as solid as previous years, but they’re always a well organised team and it’s a tough place to go, but if we play to the best we can we are very confident of making it three wins from three in all competitions and make it the start of a push up the table

Robbie Carter

Who is the biggest moaner in the dressing room?

Blimey, where do I start?! We’ve got a few moaners, off the pitch and on the pitch. You’d have to moan a lot to keep up with Robbie Carter, he’ll find something to moan about. Kev gives him a run for his money most weeks though…

What is your typical pre-match routine before you get to the ground?

Don’t really have much of a routine to be honest. I’ve started eating less before a game because I’ve found it helps. So, I’ll have a breakfast and maybe something little around lunch time, but nothing heavy on the morning before the game

In your current squad, who is the most under rated player in your opinion?

Tough question really because everyone is thought highly of. But Tappo (Robert Tapp) springs to mind. He does all the stuff that isn’t as easy on the eye but is just so efficient in what he does. His fifty years of playing senior football really does show, clever player!

Who has the worst dress sense at the club?

We’ve had a few nights out over the past couple of seasons and unfortunately I’d have to say Griff. He’s got some expensive designer stuff, but that’s probably the only positive about it

When you leave the football pitch on a Saturday, what is the first result you look for elsewhere, and why?

Everyone gets the results up from the Prem etc for accumulator purposes so they’re the first we hear of. But then after a shower I like to see our leagues results and see how the teams around us have got on

Who is the last person you would let choose the music in the dressing room (or car) on matchday, and why?

I’m not really sure who’s got the worst taste in music, there’s probably a few. But I’d back myself strongly for having the best. I gave them a taster after our FA Vase win of my vast range of music, so I think going forward I’ll be supplying the bangers after a win in the changing room

What’s the one game this season you most want to win and why?

The one that seals our promotion! That’s the one I’m most looking forward to

Finally, after you’ve scored a hattrick on Saturday, what can supporters buy you in the bar afterwards?

Any drink is fine, just as long as they don’t wake me up from that unrealistic dream, that’s all that matters

Sports Shots would like to thank Dan for his time this week

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