CL D6: Valambhia previews Town III’s encounter with Sandford

Buckingham Town III skipper Brij Valambhia has spoken to Sports Shots as his side prepare play host to Sandford St Martin II on Saturday.

Brijesh Valambhia

Valambhia stated:

Olly Peacock makes his 3rd team debut this weekend as we aim to keep the momentum going and keep this positive charge moving along. We hope and pray that Mike Taylor decides he has had enough of scoring each week and fancies staying in the middle for a lot longer this weekend.

Buckingham Town III:

Mike Taylor
Anant Peshawaria
Brij Valambhia
Vish Valambhia
Olly Peacock
Frank Johnson
Andy Humphries
Max Sutton
Matt Dipple
Raj Lall
Joe Clark

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