Sports Shots grows from strength to strength

The number of hits the Sports Shots website attracts every month has grown dramatically over the past few months, as has our twitter coverage, proving we are THE place for YOUR local sports news & updates. In 2017 we attracted a total of 4.96 million hits over the year, and we wondered if we could top the 6 million mark in 2018, and we’re pleased to reveal that we reached the half way point before the end of May, just five months into the year.

We are breaking our own records this year, and then beating them again. In January we received our biggest monthly total of hits with 537,605 and thought we’d done well, then in April we smashed that with 674,988. Never to be beaten we thought but just a month later we received 808,317 hits. In May, when most of the football was done and dusted early in the month!

Our target for June was the same as every month, just beat last year’s figures for that month, and after just 5 days we were already over half way there.

Our hits for 2018 are as follows:

Year: 2017 2018 Diff
Jan 503,135 537,605 +34,470
Feb 376,230 467,033 +90,803
Mar 457,110 518,036 +60,926
Apr 427,729 674,988 +247,259
May 435,421 808,317 +372,896

Previous to 2018 our record hits in a single day was 37,568 from some four years ago. When we broke the news of Andrew Hall coming to Buckingham Town CC in January this year, we attracted a new record of 50,096 which we thought was good going. Then the beginning of May saw the announcement that Olney Town FC & Buckingham Town FC were folding, on the 3rd May we smashed our way to 93,975 hits in one single day. The following day we beat our previous record again by attracting 54,529 hits.

Our twitter feed also continues to grow, previous to this year we saw good days where we managed 20,000 twitter impressions recorded, but this year we have constantly been breaking that level & our record to date is from March where we saw 51,081 impressions. Our top six number of impressions in numerical order:

10.03.2018 51,081
10.02.2018 45,664
15.04.2018 37,496
21.04.2018 35,397
11.03.2018 34,610
02.04.2018 34,529
We cannot thank everybody enough for their continued support, committee’s, managers and their staff, players, supporters, parents, family and anyone else that visits us to catch up on the local sport scene, thank you!

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