Sports Shots join forces with People in Flow

Sports Shots is absolutely delighted to announce that People in Flow have taken on a sponsorship package with us for twelve months.

Their sponsorship means that their logo appears on every page of our website, as with all our sponsors, and just a click on this logo will take you directly onto their website.

People in Flow are the people experts who ‘go beyond’. We are people performance and development specialists, transforming organisational health, teams, learning, and performance.

Energising your people, enhancing collective performance and removing stress is at the heart of everything we do.

Based on the ‘Go Beyond’ principles, research and thought leadership of Neville Pritchard (below right) and Richard Scott (below left) People in Flow generate new insight, enhance impact, and achieve flow.

The launch of ‘Go Beyond’, written by them, was held at the British library on Thursday 3rd May. The evening began with some musical entertainment and group singing led by Susan Heaton-Wright. Once warmed up, the audience were treated to an informative, innovative and entertaining presentation from the authors. The event was a fantastic success and sparked some interesting conversation and debate surrounding the role of HR (People Support), the language of business and beyond.

If you would like to know more about the book, or indeed to order your copy of ‘Go Beyond’, call 01280 823 702, e-mail or simply head to Amazon HERE to purchase a copy

Having sponsors like People in Flow allows Sports Shots to continue covering all local football and cricket clubs in the region, and in return we hope many of our readers will call upon the excellent services that they offer.

Sports Shots would like to thank everyone at People in Flow for their support, just one of many local businesses renewing or coming on board, details to follow in due course.

This is the perfect time to be joining us as a sponsor, our hits just keep growing month after month:

January 2018 – 537,605 hits

February 2018 – 467,033 hits

March 2018 – 518,036 hits

April 2018 – 674,988 hits

3rd May 2018 – 93,975 hits in a single day.


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