Advertise with Sports Shots – we have 4.96 million reasons why

Sports Shots website hit figures 2016-2017

Sep 2016 – 291,196        Sep 2017 – 516,146

Oct 2016 – 342,593        Oct 2017 – 467,783

Nov 2016 – 342,704       Nov 2017 – 471,082

Dec 2016 – 351,187        Dec 2017 – 526,595

Jan 2017 – 503,135                     Jan 2018 – ?

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Sports Shots is growing, and growing fast. Just a year ago we advertised we were getting between 10 – 16,000 hits on our site every day. Twelve months on we are now hitting between 10,000 on a quiet day and 34,000 on busy days (record set in December)!

In 2017 we have smashed our own personal record for hits in a month, not once, not twice, but three times. January set our own record, which we beat in September, we then smashed that in December with a whopping 526,595 hits in one single month.

Our total hits for 2017 was 4.96 MILLION

Our twitter page at week-ends is now reaching over ten thousand impressions each day from Thursday to Sunday.

People are taking more and more interest in us, we are receiving more and more requests for coverage, help, news or updates.

Everyone at Sports Shots would like to say thank you, to supporters, players, staff, managers, groundsmen, WAG’s & everyone else that made 2017 so successful for Sports Shots. We are all volunteers and without you we couldn’t provide the service that our audience craves. 

 The site was created in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitis UK. These two charities are at the heart of this local website that covers several different sports across Buckingham, Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. Originally started in Buckingham as a photography project it has grown rapidly since 2011 and now covers many sports, providing interviews, match reports & photography.

Everything on the site is provided by volunteers who contribute, as well as a dedicated team of reporters & photographers who work endlessly to give all local teams as much coverage as possible.

Visit our website where you can see the adverts and possibilities!

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