SSMFL,D2: Aston Clinton hit 61FC for six

Having only beaten 61FC (Luton) by two late goals just a fortnight ago Aston Clinton came in to the game expecting a tough test. Two minutes in to the game though and two goals up Jordan King’s side would have been disappointed to reach the half time whistle just 3-2 up.

After lots of snow and rain the week before and with a very gusty wind conditions were not ideal and really didn’t allow Aston to get the ball down and play their free flowing football.

Against the wind in the first half Aston came out of the gate’s quickly and were one up within a minute, Vinny Greco on the left slipped in Lewis Workman who slotted the ball past the 61FC Keeper. Straight from the kick off and the home side forced a corner and Alex Little was on hand to head the ball in for a two goal lead.

61FC though had the strong wind behind them and made good use of it for both their goals First Michael lewis picked the ball up some 25 yards out and hit a hopefuk shot which, with the help of the wind, beat Liam Smith in the home goal. Midway through the half and again the wind was Aston’s undoing, a long ball evaded Aston’s defence and Mohammed Essakin slotted home.

Aston re took the lead just before the half when Dave Brown was bought down in the area and Joe Kittle slotted the resultant penalty home.

The second half was always going to be a different game and with the wind at their back Aston never looked in any trouble, almost from the restart and the two goal lead was restored when Kittle poked in his second from a ball across the area from Greco.

Vinny Greco then used the wind to his advantage after a free kick was awarded some 25 yards out and Greco fired home past the 61FC Keeper. Alex Little completed his hat trick on 60 minutes when Greco’s cross found the right back who smahed the ball home from two yards.

Aston Clinton
1. Liam Smith
2. Alex Little
3. Luke Russel
4. Samuel Austin
5. Alex McGowan (captain)
6. Alec Bell
7. Tom Burton
8. David Brown
9. Lewis Workman
10. Joe Kittle
11. Vincenzo Greco
12. Luke Desmond – replaced Joe Kittle
13. Dylan Walker – replaced Tom Burton
14. Ryan Binnee – replaced Vincenzo Greco

61FC (Luton)
1. Seb Isaacs
2. Ross Scott
3. Pavel Pyriak
4. Adam Currington
5. Cayne Hazell
6. Mohammed Essakin
7. Mason Rourke
8. Masmudal Kabir
9. John Frost
10. Ryan Smith
11. Michael Lewis
12. Lee Mooney

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