B&DML: Potential rule changes to be considered at Midweek League AGM

Clubs will be voting on potential rule changes at the Buckingham & District Midweek Cricket League 2017 annual general meeting on Thursday 30th March.

Great Horwood CC – Advertiser Cup winners 2015

These are as follows:

The Executive have proposed two rule changes to the league this season;

Proposal 1. All matches to be played over 12 eight ball overs with a maximum of 3 overs per bowler.
Proposal 2. Any bowled ball that goes down the leg side will be called a wide.

Great Horwood have also proposed a change in the structure of the league this will be in two parts, part two to be considered if part one is voted down;

Proposal 1 League matches should be reduced to 8 a side.

Proposal 2 The league should be in 2 divisions with matches in division 2 being reduced to 8 players a side.

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