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Sports Shots fundraising passes £10k

Sports Shots is delighted to announce that the website’s fundraising drive has now passed the £10k-mark!

The latest donation of £1,873.29 is from the Berks & Bucks FA.  This very large sum was from bucket collections held as a thank you for Sports Shots photographing 2018-19 county cup finals.


The Berks & Bucks article on the donation

Since starting in 2011, Sports Shots has raised £10,064.01.

The website continues to work hard to promote local clubs with all donations split between Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitis UK.

If you like our work then please donate an amount, however small, via our JustGiving pages.


Donate (JustGiving)

Ath, United & Moretonville donate £601.00 to Sports Shots charities

The joint fundraising event by Buckingham Athletic, Buckingham United and Moretonville JFC has seen Sports Shots charities benefit to the tune of an amazing £601.00.

The event at Stratford Fields, back in May, started with a Youth Festival at 9am which ran through until Buckingham Athletic Development played Buckingham United for the Tom Goom Memorial Cup.

The overall total raised was an incredible £1,202.00. The three clubs kindly decided to donate one half to Sports Shots, whilst selecting YC2 Buckingham & Winslow Young Carers to receive the other half.

Our donation was split, as always, with Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitis UK both receiving £300.50 each. You can view these donations via our two JustGiving pages.

Sports Shots has now raised £8,190.72 for good causes.

Sports Shots Statement:

We would like to issue a public thank you to Buckingham Athletic Football Club, Buckingham United Football Club and Moretonville Junior Football Club for their very kind gesture.

We greatly appreciate being selected as one of the two beneficiaries of this community day.

More on YC2 Buckingham & Winslow Young Carers.

We are part of a local charity called Community Care North Bucks (CCNB) and they have a website on which YC2 is featured. We do not have a social media page unfortunately as no one yet has time or expertise to run it.

WE are ALL volunteers. Only voluntary non funded by Bucks County Council Young Carers organisation in Bucks. Why? Because in the past 20 years since there has been a young carers awareness in UK, the funded organisations only operate out of Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Wycombe.

If young carers come from North Bucks the only club support/outings they get is if they can travel to one of these cities from home-and on a week night and straight after school-impossible for families with illness, disability, mental health, low income, no car etc-  that’s why YC2 was started to bring the same benefits to young children from our local area as others get who live nearer the main offices.

Edan has been a member of YC2 for 11 years, and is a great example of where a family with a sibling with serious disabilities just cannot access support and respite for the young carer. Edan’s story is typical -he is a fantastic young man who is caring and loyal and works hard. YC2 sent him on a Young Leaders course (3 months) some years ago and he has been a great source of support at juniors club nights-helping run the sporting activities, clearing away, chatting to the younger members and listening to them when they are upset. He has come on away weekends to help-on duty from Friday afternoon to Sunday tea time-helping in every way. We have sent him on courses that would enhance his future educational and employment opportunities-he joined the local army cadets where his friendly calm and enthusiastic nature made him an outstanding cadet.

He has now been accepted for a mechanical engineering apprenticeship in the Royal Engineers.

He still has an active caring role at home for his young sister.


YC2 started nearly 15 years ago, we have supported 100s of young carers aged 7 and over, seen them through education onto apprenticeships, universities, college and to bringing up families of their own.

Without YC2 there would be NO provision for children or young people in North Bucks whose lives are restricted (however willing they are) by the significant caring responsibilities they carry. They are such a special group of young people!



Sports Shots donations has now raised £6,253.74 for charity!

Sports Shots has now raised £6,253.74 for charity!

The money has been split between Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitis UK.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to donate towards our charities.

Everything we do is purely on a volunteer basis, no personal gain is made from Sports Shots.

If you like our FREE coverage, we welcome any donations via our JustGiving pages below –

To donate to our fundraising drive for

Go to our JustGiving page – CLICK HERE


To donate to our fundraising drive for

Go to our JustGiving page – CLICK HERE



Sports Shots was started six years ago today!

Sports Shots was started six years ago today!

In this time the website has grown dramatically, plus raised a lot of money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitis UK. Both was totally unexpected when we started it.

Since the 29th January 2011, Sports Shots has had over 12.3 million hits and raised £5,478.74 for charity.

We would like to thank everybody who;
follows us!
contributes to the website!
holds fundraisers for us!
donates at our charity fundraising events!
sponsor us!


There are too many people to mention over the six years but we could not run the website without those people who give their time.

We have met some wonderful people in this time and look forward to our seventh year of being the voice of local sport!

Thank you!

Andy & Lorna





Sports Shots has now raised £5,478.74 for charity!

To date (2nd January 2016) Sports Shots has raised £5,478.74 for our two charities @macmillancancer & @vascuk Thanks for your support!

Fundraising: Winslow-Ath derby nets £258.30 for Sports Shots charities

Sports Shots would like to make a public thank you to everyone who supported our website and charities at the Winslow United versus Buckingham Athletic local derby yesterday.

The final amount raised was £258.30! this will be equally divided between our two charities; Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitis UK.

We would like to give a big thank you to –

  • Winslow United for staging the raffle and having the donation buckets present.
  • Everybody from Winslow United, Buckingham Athletic and all other spectators who purchased raffle tickets and donated.
  • A special thank you must go to Dale and Gemma James for covering the game and supporting our cause.

Our statistics – Should businesses Opta for us when advertising?

A few statistics on Sports Shots –


  • Over 11 million hits since we started!
  • Currently averaging over 11.1k hits per day!
  • People in a total of 107 different countries have looked at the Sports Shots website in November 2016 alone!


  • The past seven days we have been on 13,245 different people’s timelines!
  • In the past seven days 3,567 people have engaged with us on our Facebook page! Via Likes, Comments, Shares etc

A new fundraising venture will begin shortly ….. 

THANK YOU – Macmillan Cancer Support the winner in Ath-Winslow U18s cup tie

Macmillan Cancer Support was the winner as Buckingham Athletic U18s defeated Winslow United U18s 5-3 in the Berks & Bucks Youth Cup at Stratford Fields today.


Buckingham Athletic Football Club held a collection and kindly donated the £110.60 to Sports Shots’ charity Macmillan Cancer Support.

We would like to thank Annmarie Carter and Steve Farmborough for their hard work in making this happen and to everyone who kindly donated.

A match report on the game to follow.

Sports Shots is five years old today!

Sports Shots celebrates our fifth anniversary today!

The website is growing bigger each year with January 2016 seeing us being on the verge of breaking our monthly hits record! We are currently averaging over 8.8k hits per day with an amazing 24k visitors on Wednesday! This month alone has seen us register hits in 102 different countries!


The past year has seen Darren Stanger join us as a columnist and we are lucky to have him.

We will not name everybody who has helped the website grow into the success it has become as we would hate to miss anyone! But we could not do it without people’s support.

We did not think when we published our first page back in 2011 that five years down the line we would have had over 8.3 million hits!

Thank you for your ongoing support, we look forward to trying to break records in the future!

Andy & Lorna


FUNDRAISING: Darren Stanger to run for Macmillan Cancer Support

Sports Shots reporter Darren Stanger is raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Darren Stanger

Darren Stanger


Darren said:

For the second year in a row I am participating in the Milton Keynes Festival of Running Half Marathon on behalf of Macmillan. I aim to beat my personal best time of 2 hours and 1 minute.

Most of us are affected by cancer at some time during our lives whether it is a family member, a friend or a colleague at work. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer just under three years ago but was given the all clear. The support from the Macmillan nurses was superb and play a very important part.

If you wish to sponsor Darren you can go to his JustGiving page – CLICK HERE