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SSMFL D2; New Bradwell St Peter reveal new management duo

A statement from New Bradwell St Peter Football Club

New Bradwell St Peter FC are very pleased to announce the appointment of Charlie Flanagan & Luke Coates to the position of joint managers of our first team. We look forward to a new chapter in the clubs history and a successful season ahead

Bryan Bradell – Chairman

Charlie Flanagan – ex New Bradwell St Peter player

Charlie Flanagan also commented

I would like a special mention for Bletchley Park FC and their committee who have been fantastic in this whole process, the guys are a South Midlands team waiting to happen. Luke & I are looking forward to this opportunity, one in which we could not turn down

The clubs first fixture under new stewardship see’s a tough one as they host top of the league and previously unbeaten Bovingdon in the Division Two Cup on Saturday, 3pm kick off.

For NBSP fixtures, use this link:

SSMFLD2; Grendon Rangers v New Bradwell St Peter Preview with new manager Steve Jackman

Saturday 11th August 2018

Grendon Rangers v New Bradwell St Peter FC

Spartan South Midlands Division Two

The Village Hall

K.O. 3.00pm

Grendon Rangers host new side (ish) New Bradwell St Peter on Saturday in their season opener, although for The Peters they have the added bonus of having played last week-end and winning to boost their confidence in travelling over to Grendon. Rangers struggled towards the end of last season, relying on a core of team mates who are also long term friends to help keep the club running, but now boast a new manager and hopefully a calmer season ahead!

New Bradwell won at Berkhamsted Raiders last weekend despite having a man red carded so will be confident in coming to get a result; formerly Loughton Manor the club moved into the New Bradwell facilities this summer in order to progress as a club. This week Sports Shots caught up with Grendon boss Steve Jackman to ask how his term in management has been so far:

Well it’s been an eye opener to say the least! A lot of managers I still speak to from various levels of the game are really questioning my intentions in taking the job on, as I have never played nor worked at this level before.

I also had a fantastic position at my previous club AFC Dunstable who are in a position where a lot of the young players are getting close to being a real part of the first team set up and that was a project the manager especially & the staff brought in over the past four years. It takes a lot of trust & belief from the youngest age group coaches through to the senior section of the club, but it doesn’t happen overnight, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I’m fortunate to still speak to the manager Steve Heath on a regular basis, a great guy and if I can replicate half of what he has achieved then I will have done ok, my wife is still the physio at the club so I hear a lot of what is happening and it sounds exciting with the blend of experience & youth now really coming through.

Listening to certain conversations a lot of people like to say one thing then do something completely different and that is from players through the club all the way to the top, I always knew it happened but always chose to ignore it, now I know not too and to just lock it away for another time

And how has pre-season been for his new club?

Pre-season is always a funny time with holidays, work, family & other situations or excuses taking priority. Some of the excuses for not turning up are priceless and I just put it down to priorities being different.

The players have worked hard & have taken on a lot of what it is I am asking of them. I also think every club has struggled with the heat, not that I’m moaning about the sun shining, but all the pitches we’ve seen are all over the place in terms of condition. Ground staff are really having to put in a shift and any games playable at this time are a credit to these guys

Steve Jackman

So have Grendon pulled in enough players for the season?

Every manager is always searching for players, I have a player training this week at a club in the league above & fair play to him, he has approached it in the right way, spoke to me face to face, so I wish him well and that makes it easier for him to come back into the fold should he want to, the door is always open for any player.

I will never stand in someone’s way if they want to experience a better level, just approach it in the right way and go for it, this is just one example of how managers operate at this stage of the season.

I always ask for players to be honest with me and then that is a two way process and how you earn the respect of players, it’s good to talk and that is something I like from everyone. Credit to the players for creating a fantastic spirit

We asked how the new manager feels ahead of the game Saturday?

Nervous, excited, have I done enough, are the players ready? All these things are natural and I used to think just the same things as a player. You just have to go and enjoy it, work hard & make sure you are organised enough to hopefully get a good performance and what will be will be

We asked if Jacko knows much about his first opponents:

I live about thirty seconds from the New Bradwell ground, but what I know about them I could note on the back of a postage stamp. However refer to my previous comments, I used to get really bogged down with an opposition and lose focus on my own team. If there are certain aspects we need to look at then I will make the players aware, really thought it’s all about the players mentalities and preparation and how they try to use the information given to them.

We play NBSP and Mursley in our first two games, and both teams finished in the top eight last season and both won their opening games last week, so that will be interesting & most certainly a test for us

Finally, we asked if there are any targets for the season for Grendon Rangers:

I have never been in a dressing room as a players or management staff where we have said in July what we expect to be the final outcome in April or May time, who knows what will happen? Otherwise you can pick my lottery numbers for me!

You can only approach everything on a game by game basis and make sure as management staff and players you are working from the same piece of paper, and then you go into every game with the organisation, enthusiasm & knowledge that you might get over the line more often than not. All the best for the season!

Sports Shots would like to thank Steve for his time this week.

In case you missed our interview with the new manager earlier this summer click on this link: 

Buckinghamshire non-league grounds to visit

Two of Sports Shots friends have collaborated to report on 5 grounds in Buckinghamshire that shouldn’t be missed, for any ground hoppers out there that are yet to experience the scene in our local area.

New Bradwell St Peter FC stand

Football in Bracknell & FootballMK have come up with this brilliant article, click on the link:

The grounds covered are:

Stratford Fields, Buckingham

Ostlers Lane, Stony Stratford

The Recreation Ground, New Bradwell

Station Road, Mursley

Manor Fields, Fenney Stratford

2018/19 SSMFL Cup Competitions revealed

At Saturday’s South Midlands AGM the draws were made for the various cup competitions across the leagues:



As drawn Saturday 23rd June by

Mike Taylor and John Childley

(Members of the SSML Cup Finals Committee)

Dates of ties to be announced at later date




  1. Colney Heath v Broadfields United
  2. Buckingham Town v Berkhamsted Raiders
  3. MK Gallacticos v Stotfold *
  4. Harefield United v Edgware Town
  5. Park View v Mursley United
  6. Aston Clinton v Potton United *
  7. Wodson Park v Langford
  8. Amersham Town v Grendon Rangers
  9. Winslow United v Brimsdown
  10. Wembley v Enfield Borough
  11. Tring Corinthians v Biggleswade United *
  12. Oxhey Jets v Baldock Town
  13. Unite MK FC v Leverstock Green
  14. FC Broxbourne Borough v Hadley
  15. London Lions v Harpenden Town
  16. Hillingdon Borough v Codicote
  17. Risborough Rangers v Rayners Lane
  18. Pitstone & Ivinghoe v Clean Slate *
  19. Old Bradwell United v Bedford *
  20. Hatfield Town v Leighton Town
  21. Tring Athletic v London Colney
  22. Crawley Green v The 61FC (Luton)
  23. Totternhoe v Cockfosters *

Byes: Ampthill Town, Arlesey Town, Biggleswade FC, Bovingdon,

Buckingham Athletic, London Tigers, New Bradwell St Peter,

North Greenford United and Sarratt.

Ties will be played midweek unless stated with a * in which case will be played on a Saturday


  1. Buckingham Athletic v Unite MK FC or Leverstock Green
  2. Wembley or Enfield Borough v Arlesey Town
  3. Risborough Rangers or Rayners Lane v Tring Athletic or London Colney
  4. Pitstone & Ivinghoe or Clean Slate v Oxhey Jets or Baldock Town
  5. Park View or Mursley United v Aston Clinton or Potton United
  6. Harefield United or Edgware Town v Winslow United or Brimsdown
  7. Wodson Park or Langford v MK Gallacticos or Stotfold
  8. Biggleswade FC v New Bradwell St Peter
  9. Hatfield Town or Leighton Town v Hillingdon Borough or Codicote
  10. Crawley Green or The 61FC (Luton) v Amersham Town or Grendon Rangers
  11. Ampthill Town v London Tigers
  12. Old Bradwell United or Bedford v Colney Heath or Broadfields United
  13. Totternhoe or Cockfosters v Sarratt
  14. Tring Corinthians or Biggleswade United v FC Broxbourne Borough or Hadley
  15. Buckingham Town or Berkhamsted Raiders v North Greenford United
  16. Bovingdon v London Lions or Harpenden Town


  1. Winner Game 16 v Winner Game 14
  2. Winner Game 5 v Winner Game 1
  3. Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 13
  4. Winner Game 6 v Winner Game 15
  5. Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 9
  6. Winner Game 8 v Winner Game 7
  7. Winner Game 11 v Winner Game 12
  8. Winner Game 10 v Winner Game 4


  1. Winner Game 5 v Winner Game 2
  2. Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 1
  3. Winner Game 7 v Winner Game 4
  4. Winner Game 6 v Winner Game 8


  1. Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 4
  2. Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 1


  1. Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 1



(Sponsored by S&T Sales and Marketing)


  1. Arlesey Town v Hadley
  2. Biggleswade FC v Edgware Town
  3. Baldock Town v Colney Heath
  4. Crawley Green v Potton United


  1. Biggleswade United v Wembley
  2. London Tigers v Arlesey Town or Hadley
  3. Leighton Town v Baldock Town or Colney Heath
  4. Crawley Green or Potton United v Biggleswade FC or Edgware Town
  5. London Colney v Leverstock Green
  6. Oxhey Jets v Harpenden Town
  7. Tring Athletic v Stotfold
  8. Cockfosters v North Greenford United


  1. Winner Game 8 v Winner Game 7
  2. Winner Game 4 v Winner Game 2
  3. Winner Game 5 v Winner Game 6
  4. Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 1


  1. Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 1
  2. Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 4


  1. Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2




  1. Hillingdon Borough v Ampthill Town
  2. Buckingham Town v Park View
  3. Enfield Borough v FC Broxbourne Borough
  4. Codicote v Rayners Lane


  1. Enfield Borough or FC Broxbourne Borough v Amersham Town
  2. Broadfields United v Bedford
  3. Langford v Brimsdown
  4. Wodson Park v Buckingham Athletic
  5. London Lions v Codicote or Rayners Lane
  6. Hillingdon Borough or Ampthill Town v Buckingham Town or Park View
  7. Winslow United v Harefield United
  8. Hatfield Town v Risborough Rangers


  1. Winner Game 4 v Winner Game 6
  2. Winner Game 7 v Winner Game 8
  3. Winner Game 5 v Winner Game 3
  4. Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2


  1. Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 1
  2. Winner Game 4 v Winner Game 3


Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 1




  1. New Bradwell St Peter v Bovingdon
  2. Pitstone & Ivinghoe v Grendon Rangers
  3. Totternhoe v Old Bradwell United
  4. Unite MK FC v MK Gallacticos
  5. Clean Slate v The 61FC (Luton)
  6. Mursley United v Aston Clinton
  7. Tring Corinthians v Sarratt

Bye: Berkhamsted Raiders


  1. Unite MK FC or MK Gallacticos v Berkhamsted Raiders
  2. Clean Slate or The 61FC (Luton) v Totternhoe or Old Bradwell United
  3. Tring Corinthians or Sarratt v Mursley United or Aston Clinton
  4. New Bradwell St Peter or Bovingdon v Pitstone & Ivinghoe or Grendon Rangers


  1. Winner Game 4 v Winner Game 3
  2. Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2


Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 1




Holmer Green Development v Biggleswade United Development

Buckingham Athletic Development v Harpenden Town Development

AFC Dunstable Development v Winslow United Development


Biggleswade United Development v Holmer Green Development

Harpenden Town Development v Buckingham Athletic Development

Winslow United Development v AFC Dunstable Development


  1. Leighton Town Development v Ampthill Town Development
  2. Buckingham Athletic Development or Harpenden Town Development v Kempston Rovers Development
  3. Berkhamsted Development v Holmer Green Development or Biggleswade United Development
  4. Stotfold Development v AFC Dunstable Development or Winslow United Development


  1. Ampthill Town Development v Leighton Town Development
  2. Kempston Rovers Development v Buckingham Athletic Development or Harpenden Town Development
  3. Holmer Green Development or Biggleswade United Development v Berkhamsted Development
  4. AFC Dunstable Development or Winslow United Development v Stotfold Development


  1. Winner Game 2 v Winner Game 1
  2. Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 4

 SEMI FINAL Second Leg

  1. Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2
  2. Winner Game 4 v Winner Game 3


Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2

SSMFL,D2: New Bradwell St Peter announce award winners

New Bradwell St Peter have announced their 2016-17 award winners:

Dick Smith award chosen by the committee
Dan Green

Dan Green

Goal of the season
Billy Lobjoit

Billy Lobjoit

Top goalscorer
Stacey Field

Stacey Field

Coaches player
Nimmy  Ajigbolamu

Nimmy Ajigbolamu – Picture courtesy of New Bradwell St Peter FC

Players’ player
Billy Lobjoit

Manager’s player
Billy Lobjoit

Fun awards went to:
Ash Farmer the poser
Dirtiest player Ryan Thirkell
Teams moaner Alvin Rajaram
The teams hero Tyrone Taylor
Mascot of the year Vinny Bicknell – Vinny also getting the new Ronaldo boots.
Special thanks were given to Anne and Les for all their work – a meal at Middleton restaurant as a big thank you.
Drinks for the coaches.
Special thanks was given to Lee Brown for looking after the pitch.
A bottle of the finest whiskey was given to Physio John Smith as a thank you.

SSMFL,D2: Peters travel to league runners-up Totternhoe for final league encounter

Craig Bicknell takes his New Bradwell St Peter side to play at Spartan South Midlands League, Division 2 runners-up Totternhoe on Saturday.

Craig Bicknell

Tottenhoe are managed by ex-Buckingham Town boss Chris Robson and feature several former Robins in their squad.

Last weekend, Peters hit seven past Clean Slate with Billy Lobjoit netting four. Stacey Field, Tyrone Taylor and Donik Sopa were also on target.

Billy Lobjoit

SSMFL,D2: Lobjoit super-strike gives Peters derby day victory after Green’s man-of-the-match performance

Billy Lobjoit’s brilliant volley seven minutes from time gave New Bradwell St Peter victory over MK Gallacticos in their local derby yesterday.

Billy Lobjoit

Lobjoit’s strike settled the game but manager Craig Bicknell praised goalkeeper Dan Green, who produced some outstanding saves to keep his side in the game; a performance that earned him the Man of the Match award.

Dan Green

SSMFL,D2: Peters up to fifth with Clean Slate win

Man of the match Tyrone Taylor was on target for New Bradwell St Peter as Craig Bicknell’s side went up into fifth place in the Spartan South Midlands League, Division 2 with a 3-0 victory over Clean Slate last night.

Stacey Field and Ash Farmer were also on target in the victory as Peters are finishing the season strongly. They have picked up 24 points from their twelve games in 2017.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoor

SSMFL,D2: Peters overpower Amersham with four-goal victory

New Bradwell St Peter produced an excellent display as they overpowered Amersham Town 4-0 on Saturday afternoon.

Billy Lobjoit

Man of the match Billy Lobjoit started the scoring with a 29th minute penalty before Marius Alexandru doubled Peters lead with a goal just two minutes later.

Alexandru Marius

Second half goals from Tyrone Taylor (56) and Nimmy Ajigbolamu (89) secured a good day at the Recreation Ground for Craig Bicknell’s men.

Tyrone Taylor

Peters are the highest-ranked Milton Keynes-based club in sixth place following the win.

Nimmy Ajigbolamu – Picture courtesy of New Bradwell St Peter FC

Full match details – CLICK HERE

SSMFL,D2: Bicknell previews Peters return to action

New Bradwell St Peter manager Craig Bicknell has spoken to Sports Shots as his side return to action after a break tomorrow (Saturday).

Craig Bicknell

The Peters boss told Sports Shots;

After a few weeks off we are looking forward to our home game tomorrow against Amersham.

After losing away at Amersham earlier in the season we are looking to put this right with a good result and performance.

We are only missing Chris Crook, so we have a great squad to work with. After the rest the players have had they should of shaken off any knocks they where carrying and should buzzing to get out there for a game of football.

With only five games left of the season we have to be looking for maximum points in all games for a respectable finish in the league table.