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Sports Shots announce partnership with Base of the Pyramid

Sports Shots is delighted to announce that we are going into partnership with Base of the Pyramid.


The Sports Shots ethos in building partnerships is to support like-minded people and Stuart Hudson’s Base of the Pyramid website, a blog of visits to non-league grounds around Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, is a perfect fit.

Base of the Pyramid is a brilliant blog, echoing the ethos of the thoughts of Sports Shots, plus raising money for Edie’s Butterfly appeal.

Base of the Pyramid explains all about Edie’s Butterfly Appeal:

This is a bit of a rarity. A non-football entry in the blog list. Stay with it though because it is very important.
Some of you may have seen the pink butterfly logo on the web site home page. This is the logo of Edie’s Butterfly Appeal. Edie is my wife’s god-daughter and Edie’s mum, Cate, is my daughter’s god-mother. Edie is currently battling bravely against a form of childhood cancer, Ependymoma. As yet there is no definitive treatment for this illness and yet brain tumours are the biggest cancer killers of children and young people. Edie’s Butterfly Appeal was set up to raise awareness of Ependymoma and to raise funding for research into this devastating illness. There is a lot of information and more about Edie and her appeal on the website

Now, if I promise that at no point in this blog will I ask for money, will you continue reading? Please do.

Last Saturday was the inaugural Edie’s Butterfly Appeal Charity Ball held at The Grove in Watford. It was a truly amazing night. We were treated to some top class entertainment from Makin’ Steps Performing Arts. Guest appearances from Teddy Sheringham and Andy Sinton as well as a blistering performance and auction hosting stint from the hilarious Terry Alderton (don’t mention Bianca). Cate, Edie’s mum, delivered a very strong and brave speech about Edie’s story and their continuing fight to fund research and promote awareness.
It was a fabulous evening that, I believe, raised more than was initially expected.

Now to the point of my blog. As I said, I am not asking for money (although any donations are, of course, very gratefully received). One of the key aspects of the appeal is to promote awareness of Ependymoma (hence my plea to ready the website). So, I thought it would be wonderful if we could get Edie’s Butterfly Appeal logo out there and visible to as many people as possible. This is where the non-league family can help out. Could we try to get the logo (and the associated link) onto as many club websites as possible? I appreciate that some people have limited access and ability to upload pictures to home pages. However, I know that many do have this functionality. If not on a club website then how about putting the logo and the web site URL in your matchday programme? Neither of these things costs the club any extra money but could possibly help to save the life of a child.

You can download the Edie’s Butterfly Appeal logo from the picture below, from or from

Thanks for reading the blog. It would be wonderful to see butterflies all over the non-league world in the future.


More about Base of the Pyramid:

Base of the Pyramid came about after my wife and friends at work said that I should start writing about my visits to non-league grounds around the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area.

As a disaffected supporter of a Premier league team, I have become increasingly annoyed by the state of high-level football in this country. Many things about the game wind me up. The price of admission, the overpaid players, the inequality of wealth distribution across the game, the way officials lean towards the bigger and more influential teams, diving, cheating of all kinds and the fact that I really don’t think the EPL is as good as Sky would have us believe.

My home town club, or as near as dammit, Stourbridge FC, played in the Southern League Premier Division at the time. Luckily for me there were a couple of opponents locally, so I decided that I would try to watch The Glassboys whenever I got a chance.

After visiting Bedford Town to watch a 2-0 defeat and then having the pleasure of witnessing a 2-0 win at Banbury, I realised that I would have to wait a while before I got the chance to see another match. At this point I had also recently subscribed to Groundtastic (if you haven’t read this magazine, you need to. and found that I had a real interest in stadia of all types.

I mostly get the chance to watch football during the week because my weekends tend to be taken up with my family. Luckily the British weather constantly causes postponements which means many more evening games in midweek.

I plan to mainly talk about the experience of going to various non-league grounds, the characters, the dedication of the largely unpaid staff and the joy of watching real football. However, it is quite possible that the blog and website may evolve over time.

I am more than happy to publish contributions from anyone relating to their experiences at non-league stadia. I’ll be especially interested to hear from supporters from the leagues that I find it more difficult to attend (so, anywhere outside Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Northants, Bucks, Warwickshire).
I look forward to hearing from everyone.

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