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Weather affects local football; check before you travel!

With the recent hot weather, a number of local football clubs are struggling to maintain their football pitches and get them match ready. With no respite in the hot climate due for the foreseeable future, a number of upcoming pre-season friendly games are being cancelled at short notice, therefore Sports Shots would advise anyone planning to travel to games checks before leaving that the game is going ahead, in order to avoid any wasted time and travel.

A local football pitch

Buckingham Athletic were due to face Kempston Rovers tonight but that has been switched to play at Kempston as they have an all-weather pitch, and Grendon Rangers have called their game off completely on Wednesday versus Leighton Town development; just a couple of examples of games affected by the recent dry spell.

U15 Girls County: Phillips smashes records in huge stand

Holly Phillips scored the highest-ever individual score for Northants County Girls U15 when she made 131 runs in a recent game.


To put this achievement in some context, the previous 529 games Northants County Women and Northants Girls County age group sides, had yielded just three centuries.

Phillips was involved in smashed records along the way; the highest total achieved by a County Girls age group (283), the highest partnership (248 runs), highest individual score (131 runs), biggest ever victory (242 runs).

Stafford Rangers football programme sale

We have received a request from a Stafford Rangers fan who has a number of Stafford Rangers FC programmes for sale. All monies raised are being pledged to the new stand fund for the club, a project that can be viewed here:

For anyone interested, please contact Mark at for pricing and availability.

The list is as follows:

1989 / 1990
Runcorn 26/09/1989
Wellling Utd 21/10/1989
Cheltenham Town 28/11/1989
Rhyl 05/12/1989 FA trophy 3rd QR
Northwich Victoria 26/12/1989
Fisher Athletic 06/01/1990
Sutton Utd 20/01/1990
Altrincham 10/02/1990
Wokingham Town 12/02/1990
Redbridge Forest 24/02/1990
Kettering 10/03/1990
Kidderminster 24/03/1990
Barnet 02/04/1990
Merthyr Tydfil 22/04/1990
1990 / 1991
Sutton Utd 25/08/1990
Bath City 01/09/1990
Merthyr Tydfil 22/09/1990
Marine 30/10/1990 FA CUP 4th QR Replay
Slough 10/11/1990
Burnley 17/11/1990 FA CUP 1st Round
Cheltenham 20/11/1990
Colchester 01/12/1990
Telford 26/12/1990
Gateshead 26/01/1991
Kidderminster 06/03/1991
Welling Utd 23/03/1991
Runcorn 01/04/1991
Yeovil 13/04/1991
Barnet 23/04/1991
1991 / 1992
Farnborough Town 17/08/1991
Merthyr Tydfil 31/08/1991
Slough 21/09/1991
Witton Albion 08/10/1991
Gateshead 19/10/1991
Boldmere St Michael 22/10/1991
Kettering 29/10/1991 FA Cup 4th QR
Northwich Victoria 09/11/1991
Stoke City 12/11/1991
Burnley 17/11/1991
Boston 26/11/1991
Colchester 03/12/1991
Altrincham 21/12/1991
Kettering 28/12/1991
Macclesfield 01/01/1992
Telford 04/01/1992 Fa Cup 4th Rd Q
Marine 11/01/1992 FA Trophy 1st Rd
Yeovil 14/02/1992
Oldbury Utd 18/02/1992
Cheltenham 07/03/1992
Welling Utd 23/03/1991
Runcorn 28/03/1992
Redbridge Forest 31/03/1992
Kidderminster 04/04/1992
Barrow 20/04/1992
Bath City 02/05/1992
1992 / 1993
Chasetown 18/08/1992 SSC Final 2nd Leg
Stalybridge Celtic 25/08/1992
Welling United 29/08/1992
Bromsgrove Rovers 08/09/1992 Bob Lord 1st Round
Alfreton 15/09/1992 FA CUP 1st Round Replay
Bath City 19/09/1992 Bob Lord 1st Round
Slough Town 21/09/1992
Farnborough Town 03/10/1992
Frickley Athletic 10/10/1992 FA Cup 3rd QR
Telford United 20/10/1992 Drinkwise Cup 2nd Round
Bromsgrove 24/10/1992 FA Cup 4th QR
Yeovil Town 31/10/1992
Altrincham 10/11/1992
Dagenham and Redbridge 21/11/1992
Lincoln City 25/11/1992 FA CUP 1st Round Replay
Wembley FC 28/11/1992 FA Trophy 3rd QR
Runcorn 28/12/1992
Gateshead 26/01/1993
Macclesfield Town 06/02/1993
Kidderminster Harriers 16/02/1993
Merthyr Tydfil 03/03/1993
Boston 23/03/1993
Witton Albion 30/03/1993
Telford United 10/04/1993
Northwich Victoria 17/04/1993
Bromsgrove Town 20/04/1993
Wycombe Wanderers 29/04/1993
Slough Town 01/05/1993
1993 / 1994
Woking 04/09/1993
Yeovil Town 18/09/1993
Dagenham and Redbridge 28/09/1993
Knowsley United 23/10/1993
Macclesfield Town 30/10/1993
Southport 06/11/1993
Stalybridge Celtic 27/11/1993
Witton Albion 11/12/1993
Slough Town 18/12/1993
Runcorn 01/01/1994
Bromsgrove 03/01/1994
Bath City 15/01/1994
Halifax 05/02/1994
Dover 19/02/1994
Telford 01/03/1994
Altrincham 05/03/1994
Welling United 02/04/1994
Gateshead 09/04/1994
Dudley Town 19/04/1994
Merthyr Tydfil 30/04/1994
1994 / 1995
Stevenage Borough 20/08/1994
Dagenham and Redbridge 29/08/1994
Bath City 03/09/1994
Kettering 13/09/1994
Yeovil 17/09/1994
Kidderminster Harriers 02/10/1994
Runcorn 04/10/1994
Macclesfield Town 08/10/1994
Slough Town 22/10/1994
Woking 29/10/1994
Bromsgrove 01/11/1994
Stalybridge Celtic 19/11/1994
Welling United 17/12/1994
Halifax Town 17/01/1995
Southport 31/01/1995
Bromsgrove 11/02/1995
Kidderminster Harriers 18/02/1995
Telford United 04/03/1995
Gateshead 18/03/1995
Northwich Victoria 11/04/1995
Altrincham 15/04/1995
Dover 29/04/1995 FA Umbro Trophy – 1st Round
Merthyr Tydfil 01/05/1995
Farnborough Town 06/05/1995
1995 / 1996
Cambridge City 19/08/1995
Atherstone United 28/08/1995
Burton Albion 05/09/1995
Rothwell Town 09/09/1995 FA Cup 1st QR
Worcester City 19/09/1995
Burton Albion 26/09/1995 FA Cup 2nd QR Replay
Rugby 30/09/1995
Bridgnorth 03/10/1995 Dr Martins Cup 1st Round 1st leg
Dorchester 14/10/1995
Gresley Rovers 28/10/1995
Gloucester City 11/11/1995
Tamworth 25/11/1995
Merthyr Tydfil 02/12/1995
Salisbury City 09/12/1995
Newport AFC 06/01/1996
Guiseley Athletic 20/01/1996 FA Umbro Trophy 1st Round
Boldock Town 03/02/1996 Dr Martins Cup 1st Round 1st leg
Halesowen 13/02/1996
Crawley Town 24/02/1996
Gravesend and Northfleet 09/03/1996
Hastings Town 25/03/1996
Cheltenham 30/03/1996
Sudbury Town 02/04/1996
Ilkeston Town 08/04/1996
Chelmsford City 20/04/1996
Rushden and Diamonds 27/04/1996
1996 / 1997
Bilston Town 14/07/1996
Evesham United 17/08/1996
Bilston Town 26/08/1996
Redditch 31/08/1996
Moor Green 24/09/1996
Rothwell Town 12/10/1996
Curzon Athletic 19/10/1996
Dudley Town 21/12/1996
Hinkley Town 01/02/1997
Raunds Town 22/02/1997
Stourbridge 29/03/1997
Tamworth 05/04/1997
Shepshed Dynamo 12/04/1997
1997 / 1998
Redditch Utd 19/08/1997 LG Cup1st Rd 2nd Leg
Ely City 30/08/1997 FA Cup 1st Rd Qualifier
Raunds Town 08/09/1997
Evesham Utd 20/09/1997
Shepshed Dynamo 04/10/1997
Bedworth 27/12/1997
Stourbridge 01/01/1998
Worcester Athletico 06/01/1998
Moor Green 17/01/1998
Rugby 21/02/1998
Corby 07/03/1998
Racing Club Warwick 21/03/1998
Brackley Town 28/03/1998
Hinkley Utd 04/04/1998
Sutton Coldfield 13/04/1998
Wisbech Town 02/05/1998
1998 / 1999
Paget Rangers 25/08/1998
Rugby 29/08/1998
Boldmere St Michaels 05/09/1998
Moor Green 08/09/1998
Bedworth Utd 19/09/1998 FA Cup 1st Rd QR
Newport AFC 26/09/1998
Blakenhall 29/09/1998
Sutton Coldfield 06/10/1998
Arnold Town 17/10/1998 FA Cup 3rd QR
Bedlington Terriers 31/10/1998 FA Cup 4th QR
Shepshed Dynamo 07/11/1998
Redditch Utd 28/11/1998
Racing Club Warwick 08/12/1998 Dr Martins League Cup 1st Rd 2nd Leg
Weston Super Mare 12/12/1998
Bilston Town 26/12/1998
Clevedon Town 02/01/1999
Cinderford Town 16/01/1999
Evesham 30/01/1999
Stamford AFC 13/02/1999
Hinkley Utd 20/02/1999
Bedworth Utd 06/03/1999
Racing Club Warwick 16/03/1999
Wisbech Town 27/03/1999
Stourbridge 17/04/1999
Bloxwich Town 05/04/1999
Solihull Borough 01/05/1999
1999 / 2000
Stourbridge 17/08/1999
Glossop NE 21/08/1999
Moor Green 30/08/1999
Matlock Town 04/09/1999
Cirencester 11/09/1999
Gresley 28/09/1999
Racing Club Warwick 16/10/1999
Paget Rangers 30/10/1999
Redditch Utd 13/11/1999
Emley AFC 27/11/1999 FA Trophy 2nd Round
Sutton Coldfield 04/12/1999
Bromsgrove 18/12/1999
Blakenhall 03/01/2000
Leek 11/01/2000 SSC 3rd Round
Tiverton 05/02/2000
Shepshed Dynamo 15/02/2000
Hinkley Town 26/02/2000
Bedworth 04/03/2000
Weston Super Mare 18/03/2000
Yate Town 01/04/2000
Evesham 15/04/2000
Bilston Town 24/04/2000
Solihull Borough 06/05/2000
2000 / 2001
Eastwood Town 18/09/2000 FA Trophy 2nd Round
2001 / 2002
Newport IOW 18/08/2001
Hednesford 27/08/2001
Hinkley Utd 04/09/2001
Weymouth 08/09/2001
Salisbury City 22/09/2001
Folkestone Invicta 20/10/2001
Kettering 23/10/2001
Guiseley 06/11/2001 Fa Trophy 1st Rnd
Vauxhall Motors 01/12/2001 Fa Trophy 2nd Rnd
Chelmsford City 19/01/2002
Bath City 26/01/2002
Welling Utd 02/03/2002
Kings Lynn 30/03/2002
Tiverton 06/04/2002
2002 / 2003
Chippenham Town 24/08/2002
Rothwell Town 12/10/2002 FA CUP 3rd QR
Crawley Town 19/10/2002
Tiverton 02/11/2002
Dover Athletic 07/12/2002
Weymouth 21/12/2002
Bath City 20/03/2004
Hastings Utd 29/03/2003
Tamworth 15/04/2003
2003 / 2004
Moor Green 02/09/2003
Tiverton 01/11/2003
Dover 22/11/2003
Hednesford 26/12/2003
Cambridge City 21/02/2004

Finmere FC host MK Police in friendly

On Thursday evening Finmere FC hosted a team of MK Police in a friendly game, which gave Finmere the opportunity to field a half each of first team and reserves. Finmere ran out 3-2 winners on the evening, and gave the Police side a good run out ahead of their annual charity game versus the fire service.

Match photography is available here:

OSC¼F; Ardley United 1-3 Oxford United

Ardley United – 1

Oxford United – 3

Ardley hosted Oxford United on Tuesday evening in the quarter-final of the Oxfordshire Senior Cup, and in front of a very healthy crowd they more than matched their high-level opponents who were represented by a very good Under 18’s side. Always a test against a professional side no matter what side they send out, to see so many talented youngsters representing Oxford was a boost to the crowd of over three hundred that braved the swirling mist and rain to cheer on both sides.

The first half saw honours even, neither side really looked in danger of opening the scoring and it took Oxford over twenty minutes to muster their first shot at goal. Both sides really did cancel each other out, crosses were dealt with and cleared away, and for thirty minutes or so this could have been a game against two sides from the same league.

Bumper crowd at Ardley

As the half ended, Oxford stepped up a level and had an effort cleared off the line and straight down the other end Ardley striker Greg Hackett unleashed a rocket from distance that Oxford keeper Niall Clayton brilliantly tipped over his crossbar. Nil-nil at half-time was a fair reflection on the game.

The Oxford keeper was busiest at the start of the second period, Conor Harris forcing him into a save early on before Hackett got away on goal but a fantastic recovering tackle from Matt Berry-Hargreaves denied the shot. The home side missed their golden chance on the hour mark, and had they scored then maybe a different ending may have played out to this cup tie.

Billy Gillett seized on a mistake to get away on goal, rounded the Oxford keeper but with the open goal in front him he lost all balance and pulled his shot wide. The Oxford side seemed to realise from there that they had been massively let off the hook and upped their intent.

Oxford United U18’s

O’s substitute Ryan Crooks saw Ardley keeper Tom Molloy pull off two brilliant saves to keep the scoreline intent, but then the young academy side delivered two knock out punches inside six minutes of each other. On seventy-two minutes Crooks latched on to a through ball from Albie Hopkins to finally open the scoring, and moments later doubled his, and his sides tally with a second from close range.

All of a sudden, the Ardley side looked very tired and flagging in all departments. All their hard work undone and now facing a bleak remaining twelve minutes. That was until five minutes before the end when Hackett gave them a brief lifeline by smashing home past Clayton and it was game on again. Ardley had their energy back and were appealing for every decision, one of which saw manager Craig Adey sent to the stands!

As much as they huffed and puffed the Oxford youngsters repelled everything, and deep into added time killed the game off when Owen James cut in from their right and smashed a thunderbolt over Molloy which crashed in off the underside of the crossbar. F/T: 1-3

Attendance: 327

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For match photography click here:


MK Borders Lge: Cranfield after players for U17/18s

Cranfield Colts are after players for their U17/18s in the MK Border Counties league.

Pre season starts 5th July at Cranfield United FC at 7pm.

If interested please contact;

Joe on 07521512225
Or email



Facebook page for the event

JustGiving page for the event

AWARENESS/SUPPORT – Help fund a GB and England Junior Amputee side

Awareness and support – this should never happen, should it?


Mark McCarthy;

My good friend Jason Wright and I will be doing Sky Dive in July to help raise funds for the Great Britain Junior Amputee Football Association in order to enable them to provide a football training weekend camp for the junior amputees aged between 7 & 16 years.

The camp will see over 20 children take part in amputee football sessions over two days based at Reaseheath College in Crewe. Each group will be coached by experienced and qualified staff who make the weekend inclusive and enjoyable for each child. I recently attended a weekend camp with my 14 year old son Harvey-James who has suffered amputations from contracting Meningitis as young child. I was shocked to hear that the Charity supporting the camp EAFA – England Amputee Football Association: 328551 are completely self funded and given no support from the FA. I was truly humbled, overwhelmed and privileged to be a part of, watch close up The Great Britain Junior Amputee squad. The spirit and courage these young people show in their desire to play football is simply humbling and overwhelming at the same time. Children who have suffered such heart breaking adversary at such a young age showing such unbelievable strength in every aspect, I never saw one child complain, moan or show any self pity the whole weekend but simply pick themselves up, brush themselves down and carry on forward.

They a have course provisional booked for August depending on funding the event.

I left the weekend saying to myself I have to help provide funds to put another camp in place so will again be calling on the kindness of the football community, family and friends to help give these inspirational children another chance to enjoy a weekend of football and gain some the best coaching available to them.

If you can spare a small donation no matter the size it will help achieve our ‘GOAL’.

Gawcott Fields Community Solar CIC launching a community grant fund in 2017

Gawcott Fields Community Solar CIC will be launching a community grant fund in 2017, with the theme for the first year being local sports. We are calling on sports clubs in Buckingham and the surrounding parishes to help shape the fund and get the word out about the solar bond offer, which has recently been re-launched.
About Gawcott Fields Community Solar
Gawcott Fields CIC is a professionally managed Community Interest Company (CIC) that has been established to own and run a community solar farm at Gawcott Fields Farm, between Gawcott and Buckingham. The community solar farm has been generating electricity and income from the sun since June 2016. It is expected to generate over 4 million kWh of renewable electricity each year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around 1,000 homes!
Surplus income generated by the community solar farm (after operating and finance costs and reserves) will be used as to provide funding for community organisations and projects in the local area. It is  expected the community surplus will be around £20,000 per year for the first 15 years rising to £50,000 per year for years 16 – 20 (after the bank loan has been paid off) – a total of around £2 million over the 30 year life of the project!
For an initial period of 3 years, half the community surplus will support a community fund to provide grants to local community organisations. The grants will be awarded through an application process open to organisations operating in the local community (Buckingham and the surrounding parishes within 5km of the solar farm), and will have a defined focus each year. For the first year the focus will be local sports. The first community fund awards will be made following the AGM in November 2017.
The other half of the community surplus will be used to fund a program in the local area to help people struggling with their energy bills. This program will be run by Buckingham and Winslow Citizens Advice in collaboration with the Milton Keynes-based energy charity, the National Energy Foundation.
Get involved
If you are involved in a local sports club, it would be great to hear from you. We will be developing the arrangements for the application criteria and process over the coming months and want to make sure we get it right.  To give feedback and be kept informed, please use the link below to respond to our online survey. It should only take a couple of minutes.
Please help get the word out about our Solar bond offer
The Gawcott Fields solar bond offer has raised over £100,000 so far. It gives people and organisations the opportunity to invest in the community solar farm and get involved in generating local energy. Please help us get the word out! Put us in your newsletters, share our Facebook posts with your members, Tweet about us, and if you have somewhere for posters or leaflets, just ask and we’ll post you some.
Our website contains details and a link to Ethex where people can invest:
Follow us on Twitter: