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Sports Shots reaches new website hits milestone

In 2018 the Sports Shots website amassed a total of 7.59M hits where we surpassed all expectations and going into this year, we knew we’d be really tested to match this total, let alone beat it.

This year we have beaten our monthly hits record on more than one occasion, but it was the yearly total that was the target, and during Monday 4th November we reached and overtook last year’s total.

Total hits for 2018 = 7,590,245

Total hits for 2019 (so far) = 7,619,350

Once again we would like to thank every single one of you who takes the time to support us, and visit our website

To those who support us


Sports Shots breaks monthly record……….again!

When we looked at our monthly hits for last year back at the beginning of 2019, the one that looked daunting was May. Last year we had what was at the time our best ever month since we started, with 808,317 hits during those thirty-one days.

Unsure of how we were ever going to better this total, we then beat that in November with 843,265 hits and so again we raised the bar.

2018 website hits

May was our first real test of this year, could we get anywhere near that old record? With your help and support we managed:

844,378 hits

Not only did we beat last May but we’ve also set a new monthly record. All we have to say to our supporters, viewers & contributors is thank you.

Sports Shots 2018: A year of breaking records

During 2018 Sports Shots kept on beating record after record for the hits we received on our website, the previous year we had seen 4.96M so we set ourselves a target of 6 million.

As we reported during the year we smashed through that, and in December we revealed we’d beaten the 7M mark.

The final figures for our 2018 are now in, and we totalled 7,590,245 hits for the year.

The image below shows just how far we’ve come, smashing every month compared to the previous year, and also our daily hits records are indicated. In May we had almost 100,000 hits on the 3rd May, for just one day alone.

2018 website hits

You have proven that Sports Shots is the number one place for local sports news, all there is left for us to say is THANK YOU

Targets for 2019…….

Sports Shots smashes through milestone to reach seventh heaven

Since the beginning of this year Sports Shots have seen the number of hits we receive grow beyond our wildest dreams, and through the year we have posted updates as and when we have reached milestones.

On Friday morning we posted on our social media pages that we’d beaten our previous monthly hits record which we set back in May with 808,317 hits; at 10.15am this morning we had reached 808,471 hits for November to set a new record for monthly hits. This will obviously increase as we go into the final few hours of this month. Now we have more exciting news…


In 2017 we totalled 4.96 million hits for the year, in the New Year we set ourselves a target of 6 million for the whole of 2018. In early September we posted that we had already gone past 5 million hits for the year.

Well we’ve more than beaten that total, our targets and anything else we could ever have dreamed of, and we still have December to go yet!

As at 6.15pm this evening Friday 30th November 2018, we have received hits that takes our yearly total thus far to: Over 7 million hits in eleven months


To be exact: 7,001,924

We have surpassed our own expectations and we would like to thank every single one of you who takes the time to support us, and visit our website


In the whole of 2017 we amassed a total of 4,961,918 hits on our site, our record year since we began.

Since the start of 2018 we have seen a huge increase in our number of hits on the website, and today we can proudly boast more fantastic news.

As of late last night (Monday 3rd Sep) our hits for 2018 have passed 5 million!!!!

We have surpassed our own expectations and we would like to thank every single one of you who takes the time to support us, and visit our website

Sports Shots hits

Sports Shots grows from strength to strength

The number of hits the Sports Shots website attracts every month has grown dramatically over the past few months, as has our twitter coverage, proving we are THE place for YOUR local sports news & updates. In 2017 we attracted a total of 4.96 million hits over the year, and we wondered if we could top the 6 million mark in 2018, and we’re pleased to reveal that we reached the half way point before the end of May, just five months into the year.

We are breaking our own records this year, and then beating them again. In January we received our biggest monthly total of hits with 537,605 and thought we’d done well, then in April we smashed that with 674,988. Never to be beaten we thought but just a month later we received 808,317 hits. In May, when most of the football was done and dusted early in the month!

Our target for June was the same as every month, just beat last year’s figures for that month, and after just 5 days we were already over half way there.

Our hits for 2018 are as follows:

Year: 2017 2018 Diff
Jan 503,135 537,605 +34,470
Feb 376,230 467,033 +90,803
Mar 457,110 518,036 +60,926
Apr 427,729 674,988 +247,259
May 435,421 808,317 +372,896

Previous to 2018 our record hits in a single day was 37,568 from some four years ago. When we broke the news of Andrew Hall coming to Buckingham Town CC in January this year, we attracted a new record of 50,096 which we thought was good going. Then the beginning of May saw the announcement that Olney Town FC & Buckingham Town FC were folding, on the 3rd May we smashed our way to 93,975 hits in one single day. The following day we beat our previous record again by attracting 54,529 hits.

Our twitter feed also continues to grow, previous to this year we saw good days where we managed 20,000 twitter impressions recorded, but this year we have constantly been breaking that level & our record to date is from March where we saw 51,081 impressions. Our top six number of impressions in numerical order:

10.03.2018 51,081
10.02.2018 45,664
15.04.2018 37,496
21.04.2018 35,397
11.03.2018 34,610
02.04.2018 34,529
We cannot thank everybody enough for their continued support, committee’s, managers and their staff, players, supporters, parents, family and anyone else that visits us to catch up on the local sport scene, thank you!

Clubs get coverage to a bigger audience as Sports Shots viewing figures go UP!

In figures taken up to Saturday 21st April, our 2018 hits continue to grow.


The addition of Dale James covering different sides sees local clubs get coverage to a much wider audience.

As always we much appreciate everyone who helps us runs the website and especially our business partners who ensure we can fund our growing operation.

Year: 2017 2018 Diff
Jan 503135 537605 34470
Feb 376230 467033 90803
Mar 457110 518036 60926
Apr 427729 487404 59675
May 435421
Jun 203425
July 233432
Aug 343830
Sep 516146
Oct 467783
Nov 471082
Dec 526595
Total: 4961918 2010078 245874

April Showers HITS! Sports Shots continues to grow …

April Showers of hits has seen Sports Shots continue to grow in 2018!


Our opening nine days of the month thus far has seen us attract the following number of views –

Sunday 1st April – 29,904

Monday 2nd April – 30,494

Tuesday 3rd April – 19,908

Wednesday 4th April – 23,781

Thursday 5th April – 18,497

Friday 6th April – 29,490

Saturday 7th April – 20,297

Sunday 8th April – 24,874

Monday 9th April – 22,413

Our Twitter analytics the last 28 days:

451.8k Impressions (Up 17%)
* The number of times one of our tweets was delivered to a Twitter stream.

7,143 Profile visits

170 Mentions

44 NEW Followers – now up to 1,549


We are absolutely delighted that this week we have not one but TWO BIG announcements to make; one regarding our cricket coverage, the other we have another fantastic partnership to announce with a brilliant local business!

Thank you for your continued support, we very much appreciate it!


Sports Shots website gets 50,096 visits yesterday! ‘Hits in one day’ record smashed!

Wednesday 24th January 2018 saw the Sports Shots website receive an amazing 50,096 hits!




The record of 37,568 hits received in one day back on Monday 12th May 2014 was eclipsed yesterday.

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Sports Shots making a big impression! We reach 30,949 Twitter timelines on Saturday!

Sports Shots continues to grow with our news spreading to 30,949 people’s Twitter timelines last Saturday (20th January 2018).



Another record was smashed at the weekend when Sports Shots featured on 30,949 times on people’s timelines as Twitter Impressions revealed.

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