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Sports Shots website gets 50,096 visits yesterday! ‘Hits in one day’ record smashed!

Wednesday 24th January 2018 saw the Sports Shots website receive an amazing 50,096 hits!




The record of 37,568 hits received in one day back on Monday 12th May 2014 was eclipsed yesterday.

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Sports Shots making a big impression! We reach 30,949 Twitter timelines on Saturday!

Sports Shots continues to grow with our news spreading to 30,949 people’s Twitter timelines last Saturday (20th January 2018).



Another record was smashed at the weekend when Sports Shots featured on 30,949 times on people’s timelines as Twitter Impressions revealed.

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Happy New Year! Thanks a MILLION for 2017 (+122,773!)

Sports Shots would like to wish all our supporters a very healthy and happy new year and say thanks a million for 2017!

When we say thanks a million, we also mean that our annual hits figure increased by a dramatic 1,122,773 to a whopping 4,961,918! 

Our total hits figure now stands at 16,874,664 since we started back on 29th January 2011.

The addition of Dale James in the summer transfer window has been such a big positive for Sports Shots. Dale’s desire and passion to promote Sports Shots’ portfolio of clubs is a major win-win for everybody.

Sports Shots would like to say a huge thank you to each one of our sponsors who have enabled us to grow. The support of each one of them cannot be underestimated.

Again we would like to thank every manager, coach, captain, player, club official and supporter who generously donates their time to give us interviews, updates and reports. Without these people we would struggle to function.

Sports Shots has made partnerships with Football MK and Base of the Pyramid as we work together to promote local football with like-minded people.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed our work, and those who have shared and promoted our brand via social media.

Finally, the aim is not to just promote our local clubs, but also to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitus UK. Thank you to every club and person who has donated in 2017.


Record breaking September for Sports Shots

As Sports Shots continues to grow, we are delighted to announce that September saw us have our best month ever.

The total hits for the month was 516,146 at an average of 17,204 per day. This breaks our previous record of 503,135 in January 2017 by some margin.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us, by contributing to the website content and also by viewing it.

Sports Shots + 2016 = 3,839,145 hits #besteveryear #growing

Thanks to everybody who took the time to visit Sports Shots in 2016!

We received an amazing 3,839,145 visits in the calendar year.

In December we had visitors from 140 countries! It shows people with an interest in our community stay in touch from many miles away! Iran was our 15th in the list of hits from abroad, Iraq was 25th, while Brazil appeared at 28th.

As the site continues to grow we can only thank everyone who takes the time to make Sports Shots such a massive hit!

We have now joined forces with Russell & Butler who kindly support our YouTube Channel. A huge thanks goes to our local estate agents who cover Buckingham, Brackley, Bicester and Banbury and share our love of community.

Go and view our channel and subscribe, or just simply add us as a favourite on your browser.



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Our statistics – Should businesses Opta for us when advertising?

A few statistics on Sports Shots –


  • Over 11 million hits since we started!
  • Currently averaging over 11.1k hits per day!
  • People in a total of 107 different countries have looked at the Sports Shots website in November 2016 alone!


  • The past seven days we have been on 13,245 different people’s timelines!
  • In the past seven days 3,567 people have engaged with us on our Facebook page! Via Likes, Comments, Shares etc

A new fundraising venture will begin shortly ….. 

We have had 10 million + hits & raised over 5k for charity!

Sports Shots is proud to announce that we have recently gone through two major barriers!

The website continues to grow and now boasts having had over TEN million hits from across the globe! July seeing the biggest-ever month with 374,556 visiting.


Thanks to donations from clubs and kind followers, Sports Shots has now raised £5,100.44 for Macmillan Cancer Support and Vasculitis UK.


Sports Shots go through 5 million hits with most-viewed month ever!

Sports Shots has gone through the 5 million hits barrier!

The five millionth person visited the site on Thursday, the last day of the month, as the Sports Shots brand continues to grow since it started on 29th January 2011.

July 2014 saw Sports Shots receive a record 264,962 hits at an average of 8,546 per day from over 75 different countries!

Sports Shots would like to thank everybody who gives their time to contribute to the site, the leagues who kindly keep us informed of the news and our sponsors; Seahawk Trophies, The Baystone Clinic, Just4Keepers.

Thank you for your support!