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Cherwell League: Results from Saturday 16th June 2018

Division 1

Gt Brickhill 321 (J Pattni 79, D Aris 74, M Nelson 50, A John 48, T Costley 4-36), Oxford Downs 321 (G Sandbach 144, T Costley 51, A Rafiq 42, G Davson 5-78, A Jhala 3-14).

Banbury 2nd 158 (R Simpson 36, J Lambden 32, A Lane 3-22, A Bee 3-48), Long Marston 162-2 (J Beesley 69no, A Hammond 34).

Challow & Childrey 146 (J Penrose 72, J Gear 3-27, C Price 3-53), Buckingham Tn 2nd 119 (S Brunning 31, H Atkinson 4-39, C Jones 3-34).

Tiddington 200-9 (B Smith 57, M Johnston 44, W Cooper 43, A Ali 3-25, M Fayyaz 3-48), Twyford 193-9 (S Alam 45, M Fayyaz 33no, T Weymes 5-39, R Lutton 3-59).

Cumnor 116 (J Jenkinson 5-27), Abingdon Vale 116 (M Mannering 4-44, A Davis 3-20).

Division 2

Wolverton Tn 245 (A Malik 87, C King 55, A Barras 5-78, C Leaney 3-73), Aston Rowant 2nd 188-9 (T Morgan 58, T Cooper 54, O Shaw 36, A Malik 3-32).

Cropredy 269-7 (E Somerton 123no, J Walters 40, R Murrey 3-52), Sandford St Martin 107 (M Ethan-Chapman 34, J Coleman 3-9, E Somerton 3-23, A Worby 3-29).

Oxford 2nd 191-8 (A Samiullah 42, W Woodward 3-20), Bledlow Village 192-5 (H Bartlett 105no).

Didcot 261-7 (A Spears 56no, E Mathews 52, A Webb 49, A Francis 3-61), Leighton Buzzard Tn 107 (A Spears 5-47).

Horspath 2nd 200-5 (W Robertson 49, W Hawtin 37no, M Skelton 34), Westbury 202-3 (T Gurney 79, W Gurney 54, T Wilson 41no).

Division 3

Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 187 (P Mukherjee 59, C Day 30, L Smith 5-42, E Dunn 3-63), Minster Lovell 139 (E Dunn 57, A Ahmed 3-26, R Rabani 3-36).

Cublington 210-7 (J Allie 58, O Venables 58, M Sparke 37no, D Clark 3-63), Bicester & North Oxford 180 (C Doak 73, A Stapleford-Jones 35, O Venables 7-55).

Stokenchurch 233 (C Sears 50, J Sears 43, P Maddock 36, C North 36, A Latif 31, J Hart 5-41, J Wimbush 3-62), Horley 152 (J Hart 50, P Maddock 3-15).

Gt Brickhill 2nd 280-7 (G Macdonald 133, A Muptaeen 4-77), Gt & Little Tew 2nd 172-5 (S Barnes 42, A Mutagen 41, H Woodward 30).

Banbury 3rd 182-9 (B Cross 39, J Mitchelmore 31, M Simpson 30, S Roberts 4-42, A Lake 3-35), Oxford Downs 2nd 185-3 (D Woods 62no, W Bartlett 41, P Chahal 33).

Division 4

Tiddington 2nd 179-7 (M Smith 87), Shipton-under-Wychwood 2nd 130-7 (D Jarvis 39, J Elliott 3-37).

Witney Mills 234-6, Thame Tn 2nd 233-9.

Long Marston 2nd 208-9 (P Marsh 42, M Henderson 33no, C Pickford 3-46, D Hartley 3-47), Abingdon Vale 2nd 169-5 (M Darley 54no, C Pickford 41, P Barry 3-42).

Brackley 246-5 (J Rowland 75, M Lowe 42no, E Carpenter 42, J Kellar 35), Charlbury 62 (J Markham 3-7).

East Oxford 142 (F Khan 33no, R Brown 3-18), Bletchley Tn 132 (M Shepherd 34, C Walia 5-41).

Division 5

Leighton Buzzard Tn 2nd 210 (R Krynauw 69, M Burfoot 67, L Crofts 4-65, S Herbert 3-53), Cumnor 2nd 179 (S Herbert 32, A Smith 3-27).

Chearsley 79 (A Ward 6-27), Didcot 2nd 83-1 (K Beesley 35no, I Demain 34no).

Kingston Bagpuize 155 (A Verdin 62, S Bullen 50, J White 5-35, L Lewis 4-44), Aston Rowant 3rd 159-6 (M Luxford 77no).

Horspath 3rd 276-5 (A Roberts 114, N Coltman 34, C Wharton 32), Cropredy 2nd 85 (C Wise 30, C Homes 5-54, E Oakley 5-27).

Dinton 2nd 231 (B Jeyanathan 51, S Ghazanfar 38, T Husain 33, J Dumbarton 4-77, N Price 3-50), Kimble 232-3 (J Foster 110no, P Dumbarton 41, J McRae 33).

Division 6

Eynsham 148-9 (A Macreadie 50no), Oxford 3rd 149-4 (M Sheehan 71no, A Morgan 34, S Hollingshead 3-32).

Horley 2nd 223-9 (D Quinney 65, P Moon 41, M Shafaqat 4-58, G Wilkinson 3-52), Twyford 2nd 222 (M Aslam 61, T Jackson 59, H Wilkinson 58, R Hart 5-60).

Banbury 4th 118 (G Pearson 3-1, B Proctor 3-20), Sandford St Martin 2nd 121-2 (D Hoebrugge 49no).

Bledlow Ridge 239-9 (S Bird 58), Buckingham Tn 3rd 200 (V Valambhia 65, R Freshwater 53, M Dakin 4-43, H Ahmed 4-69).

Minster Lovell 2nd 200 (A Horne 49, J Mayers 47, F Robson 5-57), Challow & Childrey 2nd 201-7 (H Whitehead 54, F Robson 41, B Spencer 4-40).

Division 7

Westbury 2nd 251-4 (R Tredwell 92, A Lees 65), Horspath 4th 161-6 (L Heritage 53no, J Perkins 32, C Tredwell 3-57).

Bledlow Village 2nd w/o Gt & Little Tew 3rd.

East Oxford 2nd 118 (S Evans 6-32, D Allen 3-48), Didcot 3rd 77 (K Hafeez 4-11).

Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 2nd 149 (N Smith 38, L Keyes 33, K Dave 4-42), Bicester & North Oxford 2nd 150-2 (M Collins 55no, O Ward 39no).

Aston Rowant 4th 194 (Senior 63, De Abeu 4-52), Wolverton Tn 2nd 141.

Division 8

Charlbury 2nd 214-9 (T Harris 45, C Sinton 40, A Singh 3-61), Abingdon Vale 3rd 140 (R Berry 39, M Hawthorne 36, E Norton 4-41, M Doran 3-33).

Long Marston 3rd 78 (R Timmis 5-34, D Barnes 3-22), Brackley 2nd 79-6 (D Barnes 49no, S McLeman 5-15).

Oxford Downs 3rd 286-9 (J Florey 81, H Gillam 61, A Owen 31, M Mohanan 30no, J Gotzheim 3-34), Cublington 2nd 157 (S Godfrey 48, J Florey 3-22, A Bellinie 3-27).

Shipton-under-Wychwood 3rd 151-6 (A Cooper 51, T Connely 40, N Sudan 3-37), Witney Mills 2nd 94 (S Holford 41, A Wolf 3-37).

Challow & Childrey 3rd 156 (B Cox 82, M Dipple 4-16), Buckingham Tn 4th 138 (A Johnson 33, M Dipple 30, M Gregory 5-49).

Division 9

Bledlow Ridge 2nd 211-6 (J Sahota 41, J Goodband 32, E Morris 31), Bletchley Tn 2nd 212-5 (K Hollis 71no, R Miah 30).

Tiddington 3rd 214-8 (N Dales 123), Kingston Bagpuize 2nd 173 (J Edwards 75, C Evans 4-55).

Kimble 2nd 302-4 (A Ahmed 102no, T Skeggs 75, A Singh 54), Cumnor 3rd 217-6 (R Peach 109).

Thame Town 3rd 235-0 (A Jinman 140no, J Phippen 50no), Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 3rd 101 (M Hussain 65, L Ludlam 3-5, J Phippen 3-5, V Desai 3-17).

Stokenchurch 2nd w/o Oxford.

Division 10

Shipton-under-Wychwood 4th 123 (J Tucker 4-16), Bicester & North Oxford 3rd 124-2 (M Ilbery 61, S Conway 43).

Dinton 3rd 123-9 (P Baker 49, A Mason 36-4), Aston Rowant 5th 81 (V Vidalia 19-3).

Didcot 4th 185 (C Strange 59, J Taboada 45, M Fellowes 3-28, T Barnes 3-42), Thame Tn 4th 115 (S Ali 7-35).

Abingdon Vale 4th w/o Eynsham 2nd.

Westbury 3rd 150 (P McComb 54, P Spearman 4-35), Minster Lovell 3rd 58 (L Brody 3-19).

Chearsley 2nd 59 (R Plumbe 6-20), Cropredy 3rd 60-0 (A Beecroft 38no).

Great Horwood beaten by New Bradwell

Great Horwood lost by four wickets on Saturday to New Bradwell, which leaves them second bottom in the Four Counties Cricket League Division One table and still seeking their first win this season.

Horwood won the toss and elected to bat, and were bowled out for 135 off 38.4 overs, Sam Willett top scored with 31, closely followed by an unbeaten 27 from Oliver Prendergast. Chris Wade weighed in with bowling figures of 4 wickets for 34 runs off 8 overs for Bradwell.

Olly Prendergast

Bradwell in return reached their target with the loss of six wickets, Kieran Lampard top scored with 52, while Prendergast finished with 3 wickets for 38 runs of 6 overs.

The match scorecard can be viewed here:

The table can be viewed here:

Horwood face a trip to Milton Keynes next Saturday.

SLP; Wise words before Banbury can think about Sandy beaches

Saturday 21st April 2018

Banbury United v Merthyr Town

Southern League Premier Division

Banbury Community Plant Hire Stadium

K.O. 3.00pm

Banbury United entertain Merthyr Town on Saturday in their final home game of the current season, and will be looking to finish their home campaign with a win after a midweek defeat at St Neots. Whilst The Puritans could still finish sixth & one place outside the play-offs, they would still be a long way off those above, as the competitive nature of this league still see’s fifth place Slough with the potential to finish on ninety-nine points yet finish in the last play-off place, and the top four could all finish on over one hundred points each. Two of those definitely will not go up, meaning a fantastic season in terms of points tally will ultimately result in disappointment. Can United send the home faithful home happy for the summer?

Ahead of the game Sports Shots caught up with Elliot Sandy & Charlie Wise, and asked Charlie what he remembered about the game at their place earlier in the season, where his side triumphed on the night?

I remember a long long trip on a Tuesday night, unfortunately I was injured that night and didn’t play. Merthyr were a young side who played well and if it wasn’t for Leams smart finish it could have been a very different result. Their form is very good of late so Saturday will be a massive test

Elliot agreed:

When we travelled over there they were going through a few troubles and had a young side out, we enjoyed a good win but they have sorted themselves out since, and are much improved so we are expecting a much tougher battle this time round

Elliot Sandy

We asked Charlie what happened in the defeat at St Neots on Tuesday:

The game was difficult to say the least, I think we made it more difficult than it needed to be but full credit to St Neots, they had a game plan and executed it with good quality & consistency. I think everybody could see the minutes we had all played in the previous nine or ten days, but we’ve had a few days rest now so will expect to be back at 100% on Saturday

Elliot looked back at the run his side had been on:

We’d been on such a great run until that disappointing game on Tuesday, but that was our fifth game in ten days!! There isn’t a secret behind it, we have a very good team who on our day can match anybody in this league as results have shown, our lack of consistency at times this season is what has cost us dearly

How does Elliot think Banbury have competed against the top sides this season?

I think it has been a solid season from Banbury, in all levels of football money talks so it’s no surprise to see the top five big hitters securing the top five positions. But as I touched on before, in our recent games against them we have matched all of them and with such a young squad I would hope the younger lads learn from this season to push on next season

Where does Charlie think Banbury need to improve to push on next season?

The top five this season have dominated, you can tell that by the points tally & the gap between them and the rest of us. At Banbury we believe that we can be a club inside that top five, and we haven’t been a million miles away this year but it’s just been about our consistency. Consistency from individuals that’s lead to consistency from the team, this is something that can only get better with time so next season we look to improve and push on. You only have to look at the amount of draws we have had to realise how close we are to challenging the clubs at the top

Charlie Wise

How does Charlie feel his own season has been?

For me personally it’s been great, I started the season at Wantage Town in the Hellenic Premier and was playing, in late August early September I made the decision I wanted to be at Banbury no matter what. I was very lucky that the gaffer gave me the opportunity to get fit & prove to the staff, the squad and the supporters that I could be good enough to play at this level. If someone had said to me back in October, when I wasn’t getting anywhere near the squad and training on my own to work on my fitness, that I would get twenty odd appearances most of which have been from the start, I wouldn’t have believed them, so now I am enjoying playing, and feel extremely lucky to be playing at this level and doing so with Banbury United makes it even better!

And has Elliot enjoyed his season?

For me it’s been a season of two halves. I started the season well at Stamford but needed surgery on a minor problem which set me back a couple of months, then I joined Banbury and feel I have gone from strength to strength gaining fitness, scoring goals and helping the team more as I got fitter & back to nearer my best. I’m happy with my goal return here, and am feeling positive looking towards next season

Finally, what does the summer hold for Charlie?

The summer holds a holiday or two but I am also putting together a fitness plan for the off season. Anton Sambrook has been helping me all season staying behind after training, helping with diets and has made a massive difference, so thankfully he has said he will help put together a summer plan so that when pre-season comes along, I will have the best possible chance of getting a starting place in the team when the first league game arrives

And Elliot has a message to the Banbury faithful:

I’d like to say to all the United fans thank you for all your support home & away this season, you have been brilliant! Now rest up, enjoy the World Cup, and I will hopefully see you next season for a big promotion push!

Sports Shots would like to thank Charlie & Elliot for their time this week.

SSMFL: Newsletter 24 – Saturday 27th January 2018

Picture by Dale James

SAT 27th JANUARY 2018
It’s amazing how time does start to fly at this time of the season. January is now behind us and as we head into February there are just three months of the season left. The bookies are beginning to stop taking bets on Division One, with Southall looking to be a good banker, but there is often a slip between cup and lip. The Premier and Division Two are much more difficult to call, and although there may be favourites for each, there are a number of good teams in both Divisions very capable of causing a few upsets.


It’s very much as you were at the top of the Premier Division table as the top four all recorded wins. Berkhamsted sit top of the pile after an emphatic 5-0 win away to London Tigers. Ashton Campbell and Ben Bateman gave the Comrades a two goal interval lead before both players doubled their tally’s in the second half with the fifth scored by Adiel Mannion. Welwyn Garden City remain just a point behind in second after they also hit five as they beat Edgware Town 5-2 at home. Dan Bond and Jon Clements put the Citizens two up inside ten minutes before Ash Kersey grabbed a brace and Charlie Joy finished the scoring. Leighton Town stay third after they won 3-2 at home to struggling Crawley Green. Despite roadworks outside the ground which brought Leighton Buzzard to a standstill and made a couple of players and the referee late, those who managed to get to the ground saw an entertaining match on a slippery but playable field of play. The match belied the big difference in League positions between the two sides. Having taken an early lead in the 8th minute through Alex Condon, home supporters settled down hoping for more goals, but despite fairly continuous pressure, Leighton were rocked back when in the 25th minute an obvious foul challenge in the Home penalty area, resulted in a calmly put away equaliser by Aaron Browne. The game continued to flow with long periods of uninterrupted open play with very few free-kicks, o On 41 minutes Leighton Town regained the lead with a shot from the edge of the penalty area by Alex O’Brien.. The home advantage was cancelled out in the 56th minute with a crisp shot from the edge of the box by the penalty taker Aaron Browne evening things up. With both sides playing well and making chances, the match was there for the taking. A goalmouth scramble in the home penalty area in the 80th minute, resulted in a rebound off the bar presenting an away attacker with an open goal from 8 yards, but unfortunately he hit his shot straight against the chest of a home defender and the ball was kicked to safety. A really big chance not taken which would prove decisive. In the 86th minute, following a run down the inside right channel, Alex O’Brien outpaced the Away defence and shot home for the winner. Leighton had left it late and again hard luck to Crawley Green who had played really well with nothing to show for their efforts. Harpenden Town stay 4th after James Yates and Dave Keenleyside scored in their 2-1 win at 5th placed Leverstock Green. Following this defeat, the Green drop back a place , being replaced by Biggleswade FC who enjoyed a 4-0 home win over Wembley. Star man was Tom Cookman with three goals whilst sub Lawrie Marsh added a fourth right at the end. It was all happening at Hoddesdon Town where visitors Colney Heath continued their rejuvenation with a 4-2 victory over the home side. Colney stunned the home crowd , hurtling into a three goal lead in the first 15 minutes, Jimmy Hill turning the clock back as he notched all three, and worse was to come as Reece Cameron added a fourth 3 minutes later. Hoddesdon could have reduced the deficit ten minutes when awarded a penalty, but the spot kick failed to hit the target, but two goals from Emanuel Melford- Rowe and Jack Riddle brought a degree of respectability to the final score. Hadley twice came behind at St.Margaretsbury to draw 2-2, goals coming from an OG and Samuel Aggrey-Adams, whilst the remaining two matches – Holmer Green v London Colney and Tring Ath v Oxhey Jets both resulted in 0-0 draws. Dave Henman’s game of choice was Cockfosters vs Biggleswade United which got the go ahead – quite rightly – but the surface wasn’t ideal to play tip tap football on. Although not always pretty on the eye both sides must be commended for giving it 100% effort. The game got off to a flyer with Cockfosters number 11 – Matt Sinclair – firing home when in plenty of space after receiving a short pass after only 3 minutes. The game ebbed and flowed and there wasn’t too much in it during the first half although I thought Biggleswade were slightly the better side. Half time and it was still 1 nil. Rather surprisingly when the next goal came – after 50 minutes – it was the home sub Piero Bagarone who finished off the move virtually on the line when a shot was deflected into his path past a wrong footed keeper. At 2 nil I thought it was game over, but then what do I know! Biggleswade obviously had other ideas. From a well worked free kick Lee Bilcock finished off the move after 65 minutes, and eleven minutes later James Cooper levelled matters. After 87 minutes Biggleswade needlessly conceded a penalty and one of Cockfosters best players – midfielder Bruce Ndala converted although only just, as Carlos Vivas got more than a hand to it. In my opinion a draw would’ve been a fair result, in a “nothing” mid table clash, but as the excellent long serving secretary Graham Bint pointed out it is very tight at the bottom, and with Cockfosters nervously looking over their shoulders it was a much needed 3 points, and I couldn’t argue with that!

Southall continue on their merry way at the top of the table, a 6-0 win away at St.Neots Reserves helping them to maintain an 11 point lead over second placed London Lions. Star man was Adam Louth (remember him from the successful Chalfont St. Peter side of a few years ago) with a hat trick, whilst Ryan Hope chipped in with a brace. The real battle in this Division would appear to be for that coveted second promotion slot, with four clubs currently in the running. At the moment the London Lions have their noses in front, but the other contenders all have games in hand and there is all to play for. Lions 6-2 win away at Codicote made it 5 out 6 and the return of Adam Bolle earlier in the season has certainly added to their firepower – he added another brace in this game. In third place, but with 4 games in hand, are Baldock Town, whose 4-1 win at home to Ampthill Town was their 6th on the bounce. Sub Alfie Barker contributed a couple, with singles from Lewis Barker and Joshua Coley, whilst Pat Daley replied for the visitors. Wodson Park were held to a 0-0 draw away at Buckingham Athletic, and this result enabled Winslow Utd to move above them into fourth place. It was a great effort by the Winslow ground staff to enable their match against Rayners Lane to go ahead and on a sticky pitch, Winslow won a close game by 4-2 in front of over 50 spectators including Bob Flight and his trusty notebook. Both teams started well and only a magnificent save by Luke Daley in the Rayners Lane goal prevented a score from Sean Coles. The visitors should have taken the lead on 13 minutes when a foul by home keeper Sam Ashmead on the Rayners forward Marcell Bascombe resulted in a penalty kick. However, Ashmead made amends by pushing the shot onto a post and away from goal. Winslow pushed forward and had numerous efforts on goal but a combination of blocked shots and missed chances saw the game goalless. Just when the home supporters though a goal would never come, Winslow scored on 39 minutes when Dan Delderfield hit the ball into the net from close range. Rayners Lane had a chance to equalise just before half time but Saleh Zaheer saw his goal bound shot blocked and the follow up blasted wide. The second half saw Rayners Lane quick out of the blocks and they scored on 48 minutes when a cross from Jamie Doolan was forced into the home net by Marcell Bascombe. A fast response from Winslow saw a great chance missed when Delderfield had a shot that went wide when it seemed easier to score. The home team continued to dominate the game and went ahead on 64 minutes when Aaron King ran onto a through ball to score past a stranded Daley in the visitors goal. Worse was to follow for Rayners Lane as they conceded a penalty kick on 67 minutes and Sean Cole stepped up to score. Still the visitors refused to wilt and they scored another goal on 89 minutes when Saleh Zaheer ran through to beat Ashmead in the home goal. The visitors played the final few minutes with ten men as Doolan received his second caution of the game and was rightly sent off. With this, the expected revival disappeared and in the final minute of the game Daniel Parsons scored Winslow’s fourth and final goal. It was an entertaining game to watch despite the difficult conditions and had Rayners Lane converted their first half penalty kick it could have been a different story. The win lifts Winslow into the top four in the table with a chance of the runners up spot. Broadfields are having probably their best season since joining the SSMFL and they are currently in 6th place, heading the small number of 3 or 4 clubs who are just slightly adrift of the top 5. A brace from Connor Spinks and one from Dene Gardner helped them to a 3-0 win at home over rivals Risborough Rangers, leapfrogging their visitors in the process, whilst early pace setters Enfield Borough, who have slipped off the pace, emerged as 4-3 victors after an amazing comeback at FC Broxbourne Borough. The home side were three nil up at half time, but Enfield, aided by a hat trick from Tage Kennedy, scored four times to claim the three points. Hillingdon Borough sat at the foot of the table going into the weekend, but a 2-1 win away at Langford rocketed them upwards and out of the bottom three. No record of the goalscorers on Full Time. The match between Brimsdown and Hatfield, due to be played at Ware FC, was postponed.

It was raining goals at Totternhoe as the home side romped to a 10-1 win over visiting MK Galacticos, and moved themselves up to 3rd place as a result. Joel McCormick led the way with a hat trick and Aidan Murray and Jonny Clarke both chipped in with doubles. Also on the scoresheet were Sean Bishop, Andy Cleere and Jack Lauder, whilst Juan Bosoka got GMK’s sole reply. Leaders Park View retained their unbeaten record after a 3-2 away win at Unite MK , with the hosts making a spirited comeback after going three down. The homesters were pushed all the way by the home side, for whom Luke Little scored both. The leader’s goals came from Bright Debra, Albert Ofori- Mensah and Javier Sanchez. Two goals from Marius Serwin helped second placed AFC Southgate keep up the pressure at the top after their 5-0 win at home to Berkhamsted Raiders, but Mursley Utd dropped a place to 4th after being held to a 2-2 draw at home to Tring Town. Adam Bone and Lewis Delahaye were on the money for Mursley whilst Ryan Shefras and Ashley Wadhams replied for the visitors. A second half hat trick from Ben Green helped Old Bradwell to a 6-0 away victory over local rivals Clean Slate. Tommy Cooke contributed two more and Peter Maxey completed the scoring. Grendon Rangers moved themselves out of the bottom two after their 4-1 win at home to Tring Corinthians. Joe Walls and Nathan Riddell put the Rangers into a two one lead at half time and they doubled their total in the second half with a brace from Mathew Ginger.

Aston Clinton reached the South Midlands Division Two cup final on Saturday but had to go through the agony of a penalty shoot-out against Pitstone & Ivinghoe after ninety minutes of football could not separate the sides. A wet & windy afternoon greeted the two sides as they battled for a place in the showpiece final, on a pitch that looked fantastic considering the recent weather and beatings that local pitches take at this time of year.
An early goal from Lewis Workman looked to set Aston well on their way, however Pitstone dug in and equalised through Josh Webster before the break & both sides had chances to win it in regulation time but it took penalties to decide the tie. Aston didn’t miss, whilst their keeper Liam Smith pulled off one crucial save, and the final Pitstone spot kick crashed off the bar to send Jordan Kings side through to face league leaders Park View in the final on a date yet to be confirmed. Pitstone had the first chance when Albie Hall tried his luck from twenty yards but fired wide of Smith’s right hand post, before Workman saw a curling shot sail past Paolo Aquila in the Pitstone goal. However within a minute the Clinton leading scorer did open the scoring when he was fed in behind the home back line by David Brown and he made no mistake slotting past the advancing Aquila.
The hosts equalised on twenty-four minutes when a throw out on their right saw the Aston defence switch off and as the ball looked to be drifting out for a goal kick, the Pitstone winger refused to give up and pulled the ball back across the penalty area where Webster was unmarked and couldn’t miss.A long range shot from Elias Williams almost caught Aquila out when he slipped in the wet and had to desperately push away for a corner after his initial block left the ball open to attack in front of goal, and in the dying moments of the half Pitstone almost blew all their hard work when a defensive clearance was intercepted by David Brown and as he approached Aquila he had options to square however opted to shoot straight into the keepers gloves. H/T: 1-1
The second half started with Pitstone striker Kieran Doughty looping an effort from twenty-five yards narrowly wide of Smiths right hand post, before a throw to the visitors on their left was worked up to Brown who crossed to Vinny Greco who turned and drove over the crossbar.Aston missed a glorious chance on fifty-six minutes when Workman drove at goal before feeding Greco in the channel, he advanced into the area before squaring back to his striker partner who fired straight at Aquila. A Pitstone attack then broke down deep in the Clinton half, the ball fired up to Greco in midfield who in turn sent Brown scurrying away down the right, avoiding a tackle he crossed over to substitute Joe Kittle whose first time shot crashed off the crossbar and over for a goal kick. Hall had a chance for the home side when he found himself through on goal after a lucky ricochet but he could only fire into the waiting gloves of Smith, and at the other end a cross from Kittle saw a glancing header from Greco comfortable for Aquila to catch. A free kick from Greco was driven into the Pitstone wall, and a late header from Workman was never any real threat as the chances came and went. The away side had a very late chance in the game when a Pitstone corner was cleared long to Workman, as he bore down on goal he was marshalled all the way by Luke Williams who got in a superb tackle just as the Clinton man shaped to shoot, to deflect for a corner. Pitstone then saw Harry Elliott thump into the gloves of Smith from eighteen yards, and there was still time for Kittle to cut in from the Aston left and curl an effort into the hands of Aquila.
F/T: 1-1
With the rules of the competition already set, the game went straight to penalties, with Pitstone up first. Alex Groom sent Smith the wrong way, before Alex Bell levelled firing into the top corner. Doughty put the ball right into the bottom corner giving Smith no chance, followed by Kittle completely wrong footing Aquila to level.John Damian restored the Pitstone advantage firing into the bottom corner, and David Brown followed suit to level up again. Then up stepped Albie Hall to see his spot kick brilliantly saved one handed by Smith, before Greco stepped up left footed to give Clinton the lead. With Pitstone now having to score, Ryan Mellor smashed his kick against the crossbar to send Clinton through to the final. F/T: 3-4 (on penalties)
Thanks to for the above report.

A reminder to all clubs, particularly those in Division Two , that the use of Substitute Boards in a match is a League requirement. The home side are responsible for providing the Boards, and they are normally placed on the half way line, so that they can be used by both sides as required. Non compliance of this League requirement , either in not providing the Boards or in not using them, may well result in a charge being levied against the offending club.

A reminder to all clubs that it is a League Directive that the laminated A3 MYL posters must be displayed in all 3 changing rooms and in the clubhouse or refreshment area. Non compliance with this Directive may well result in a charge being levied against your club.

Thomas Vandenbergh Harpenden – Ampthill Town
Gerad Martinez London Tigers – Biggleswade United
David Parkinson Colney Heath – Biggleswade United
Nathanial McCarthy Berkhamsted – Leighton Town
Jamie Sylvester Buckingham Athletic – Old Bradwell United
Nathan Dimmock Colney Heath – Codicote
Robert Newman Crawley Green – Ampthill Town
Dominic Fraser Stotfold – Colney Heath
Jarrad Isles Stotfold – Colney Heath
Joshua Murray Stotfold – Colney Heath
Frankie Atwell Wembley – Southall
Jamie Gilbert Biggleswade United – St Neots Town Res
Mark Ansell-Carter London Tigers – Stotfold
Zang Gangadeen Hadley – Wembley

There have been a couple of changes of club’s venues in the last couple of weeks.
Hatfield Town will be playing all their home games at London Colney for the remainder of the season. Assistant referees will no doubt be very pleased as they will no longer have to negotiate long jump or high jump pits in the course of their duties. Spectators will also be able to leave their binoculars at home.
Loughton Manor, with immediate effect, will now be playing all their home games at The Recreation Ground , the home of New Bradwell St. Peter.

Grateful thanks to Chris Mitchell, Bob Flight, Dave Henman, Tony Weight and Sports Shots for their reports.

All news, views etc welcome, particularly from our refereeing colleagues.
Enjoy your football and remember MIND YOUR LANGUAGE

Bill Scholes

Buckingham Athletic Ladies progress in Ladies Junior Cup Quarter-Final

Buckingham Athletic Ladies – 4

MK City Ladies Reserves – 0

Buckingham Athletic Ladies progressed through to the County Cup semi-finals on Sunday afternoon with a relatively comfortable win over MK City reserves, in a game played at Tattenhoe in agreement with both sides as the pitch at Stratford Fields was unplayable after the recent poor weather. The Athletic playing their first game since the first week-end of December scored early in the first half but then struggled to break their opponents down on a bright & sunny afternoon, but once they scored a second after the break the tie was over and they went on to dominate the rest of the game.

Despite their lack of match practise it only took Evie Hawkins sixteen minutes to reacquaint herself with the back of the net, giving her team the lead and notching her seventeenth goal of the season. There was a long delay after one of the MK girls took a massive ricochet in the stomach and literally knocked the wind from her sails, as she had to receive a few minutes of treatment after being winded by the impact.

Jordan Heron was determined to get on the scoresheet forcing City keeper Sarah Cloherty to push a shot around her post for a corner, and moments after a long ball played up to Jade Copas saw a City defender attack the ball first, then slice her clearance across her own penalty box straight into the path of Heron who went for goal first time and steered her shot agonisingly wide of the left hand post. H/T: 1-0

Five minutes after the break Hawkins was fed in down the middle but Cloherty was off her line in a flash to block, as the loose ball looked to be falling nicely to Copas to hit home, Cloherty gathered before the shot could materialise.

Athletic eventually doubled their lead on fifty-seven minutes when skipper Kerry Stapleton struck from the edge of the six-yard box past Cloherty, with Rachael Thorpe lurking dangerously on the goal line she intelligently let the ball roll home to ensure no flag was raised and to allow Stapleton to get her goal.

Kerry Stapleton scores second goal

Five minutes later it was truly game over when Kayleigh Harwood was played through on goal and despite the keeper advancing she struck past Cloherty with some ease to net her side’s third goal. The visitors were now back in their stride and Stapleton robbed a defender outside her own area, and advanced before rifling into the side netting.

With fifteen minutes remaining a Buckingham corner found Dani Roberts at the back of the box, her shot crashed back off the crossbar with everyone beaten, and was eventually cleared. Jordan Heron was next to find the woodwork, a great run down the right saw a heavy challenge almost floor her but to her credit she stayed upright and went for goal, the ball skimming off the crossbar and at the back post Hawkins was inches away from connecting but the danger passed.

With two minutes left Hawkins did double her tally, Thorpe crossing from the right and at the far stick the striker stuck out a leg to poke home. There was time left for Jade Copas to fire wide from eighteen yards, and a cross to be glanced wide by the head of Stapleton. F/T: 4-0

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After the game Sports Shots spoke with skipper Kerry Stapleton & keeper Ellen Fenables: 

Some photo’s from the game can be viewed here:


South Northants Cricket League: Proposed divisional line-up for 2018 season

The South Northants Cricket League are proposing the following divisional structure for the 2018 campaign. These changes will be voted for by the clubs at the league AGM on Friday 2nd February 2018.


MK Air
Marston St Lawrence


MK Afro Caribbean
Greens Norton
Dunchurch & Bilton
MK Air ‘A’
Kings Sutton
Hinton in the Hedges

Byfield ‘A’
Evenley ‘A’
Wroxton ‘A’
Syresham ‘A’
Marston St Lawrence ‘A’
Bodicote ‘A’
Great Horwood

Preston Bissett
Gawcott & Hillesden
Maids Moreton
Wicken Sports
Braunston Paddox
Chipping Warden
Winslow Town

Willoughby ‘A’
Thornborough ‘A’
Dunchurch & Bilton ‘A’
Woodford Halse
Silverstone ‘A’

Olney Town v Huntingdon Town preview with Robert Tapp

Saturday 16th December 2017

Olney Town v Huntingdon Town

United Counties League Division One

East Street

K.O. 3.00pm

Olney Town look for revenge on Huntingdon Town on Saturday and will be looking to kick on after last week-ends win at Rushden & Higham, a win that put a halt to their five game losing streak in all competitions. A frustrating time of late for Neil Griffith’s side that has seen his squad depleted through injury and suspension, was finally ended with the shock win at high flying Rushden, and now look to leap frog their visitors in the league table with three points again this week. Two huge games follow this for Olney so they will be looking to get some momentum going before they face Potton and Buckingham Town over Christmas.

Ahead of the game Sports Shots caught up with Robert Tapp, reflecting on their recent defeat in the reverse fixture against this week’s guests:

I really don’t know how we lost that day at Huntingdon, we had a full squad and we battered them for the whole game but just never took our chances. We could have been five up at half time, but as the way it goes in football we went in a goal down following a quick break and a well taken penalty by their forward. The second half was the same, we scored early to level and piled the pressure on but just couldn’t score again. Then a long ball and some sloppy defending from us saw us concede again, they battled hard and saw the game out to win

Robert Tapp

Robert looked back at the recent poor run that Town have been on:

We haven’t been very good to be honest, we were riddled with injuries and suspensions so Neil has been scraping a side together to be fair, but we now have a few players back so hopefully we are now back on the road to winning ways. We’ve needed to defend better as a team and that’s what will see us through the recent rough patch, we’ve made it far too easy for teams to score against us which is why we’ve been working on our shape recently. It doesn’t help when you have a constantly changing back four

He is looking to get back to the form he showed last season:

I would say my season has been ok so far, I’ve had a few good performances but nowhere near the level I was at last season. It can only improve from my own personal point of view

We looked ahead with Robert and asked what was more important this week-end, the win or the performance:

At this particular time I’d have to say the win is more important, after the win last week if we can get another three points then it will boost our confidence ahead of the Christmas fixtures. With our best eleven we can beat anyone in this division, we haven’t been on it of late but I’m sure it will come good

And finally looking into 2018:

We need to keep our squad fit, and firing on all cylinders going into the New Year. If we can do that then we will be back winning games and back where we should be in this league. We have a few new additions as well which will strengthen us so we need to build on this and carry it on into next year

Sports Shots would like to thank Robert for his time out with us this week.

Winters & Emery discuss Newport Pagnell Town FC

Saturday 9th December 2017

Newport Pagnell Town v Deeping Rangers

United Counties Premier Division

Willen Road

KO: 3.00pm

Newport Pagnell entertain Deeping Rangers on Saturday at Willen Road and look to extend their winning run to five games and at least maintain their eight-point lead at the top of the league table. Darren Lynch’s men will be looking to avenge their defeat at Deeping back in October and make the most of their next five matches where four are at home. Sports Shots spoke with Josh Winters and Luke Emery ahead of the game:

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We asked Josh if he feels Newport can maintain their position:

I think the next six weeks are going to be crucial, we play Deeping & Eynesbury this side of Christmas and then Holbeach, Leicester Nirvana & Wisbech all straight after. If we show the same commitment and desire we’ve shown the last few weeks, we’ll be fine

Luke also acknowledged the feel-good factor around the club:

I think everyone in and around the club has enjoyed our start to this season, there is a really good atmosphere around the team, the squad and the whole club in general

Luke doesn’t see any weak area’s in the squad:

I don’t really see anywhere on the pitch we need to improve on at the moment, we just need to treat every game as a big game and not relax for any moment

Josh has enjoyed his time at Newport so far:

I’ve been at Kempston for the past couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, however this season they couldn’t really guarantee me as much playing time as I would have liked. I knew quite a few of the lads here and I knew they would be strong this season so I spoke to the gaffer and here we are. It’s a really great group to be involved with and I am back enjoying my football

Josh Winters

Josh explained who he thinks will be Town’s biggest rivals in the remainder:

I don’t think there are any easy games in this division as recent results have shown. Sleaford beat Leicester and we only just scraped through against St Andrews, however I think the four main sides scrapping it out will be Deeping, Holbeach, Wisbech and ourselves. Whoever proves the more consistent I think will have the edge

Luke looked back at the defeat at Deeping just a few weeks ago:

It was a close game back in October, we took the lead twice but conceded some scrappy goals and before we knew it they were winning the game. Saturday should hopefully be a totally different affair

Goals will decide who finishes higher and Luke is enjoying a successful spell:

We go into every game wanting to win, and it’s really good that we have three strikers that are all in double figures for the season already. However, our goals are coming from all the pitch, it’s not just us front men that are contributing to our success

Josh also commended the strike force:

Our front line is very good, all slightly different with different qualities, fingers crossed they can keep sharing the goals around and keep firing & kick us on in the second half of the season

Luke Emery

What does Luke see as an end of season target?

I want to hit thirty goals this term, but more importantly we want that trophy come the end of the season! It’s a team game so as long as we are getting the results we need nothing else really matters

We asked Josh if he thinks the club would compete should they gain promotion:

Definitely, having played in the league above a few times for Kempston and Bedford I don’t think it is too dissimilar to the UCL, fair enough it’s quicker and the players are generally fitter but it’s not as physical. No doubt the gaffer will strengthen the areas he feels we need and we’d give it a really good go. But there is a lot of football to be played before we can start thinking about that

Sports Shots would like to thank both players for taking the time out to speak to Sports Shots this week. If you can’t make the game, stay updated with Sports Shots on Facebook and Twitter.

Torpoint Athletic 3-0 Callington Town

Sports Shots visited Torpoint Athletic last week as they hosted Callington Town in the South West Peninsula Premier Division, and the hosts took all three points with three goals on a mild evening in southern Cornwall.

Bradley makes it 3-0

A first half penalty from Bevan were followed by goals from Rush and a second half header from Bradley to secure the win.

All match photo’s from the night can be viewed by clicking here:


Highmoor-Ibis FC v Buckingham Town FC

Sunday 6th August 2017
Highmoor-Ibis v Buckingham Town
FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round
Scours Lane
Kick-Off: 3.00pm

Buckingham Town travel down to Reading on Sunday to face Hellenic Premier League side Highmoor-Ibis, in the extra preliminary round of the FA Cup. Highmoor being the higher level club (step 5) would be favourites against their Buckinghamshire guests (step 6) however the FA Cup needs no motivation no matter what level either sides are.

The game is on Sunday as Scours Lane hosts both Woodley United and Highmoor, and Woodley are home on Saturday also in the FA Cup.


Highmoor began their campaign on Tuesday evening with a three all draw at Burnham, whilst Sunday’s game is the season opener for Town. The winners of the tie will bank £1,500 and go on to host Southern League side North Leigh in the next round.

Town finished fifth in the United Counties League Division One whilst Highmoor finished fourteenth in the Hellenic Premier Division last season, but with squads open to multiple changes during the close season it is never easy to judge how early games will go.

Anyone wishing to travel down to watch the game can get address details using the link below.

Match location: