CCLD8; Buckingham Town IV’s beat Oxford Down III’s to move into third place

Buckingham Town IV’s – 122-3 off 27 overs (25 points)

Oxford Downs III’s – 119 all out off 40 overs (5 points)

Dane Tuttlebee

Buckingham Town IV’s beat Oxford Downs III’s by seven wickets on Saturday, and the victory lifts them up to third place in the Cherwell Cricket League Division Eight table. After bowling their guests out for 119 Town reached their target for the loss of just 3 wickets and with 13 overs to spare.

Batting first Oxford top scorer was opener Graeme Coates who made 25, Gus Watts made 20 closely followed by Edward Owens on 19. The Town attack was led by Dane Tuttlebee who took 3-13 off his 7 overs, and Ben Cater who took 3-18 off his seven.

In response Buckingham lost Adrian Johnson and Fin Lee for 8 and 4 respectively, but Ryan Spragg hit a superb 63 before being caught, leaving Chris Coates who ended 29 not out and Oscar Bone 4 not out to see their side home.

Ryan Spragg

Match scorecard:

League table:

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PSF: Ath start life under Griffiths with a 4-0 friendly win

Buckingham Athletic started life under new manager Neil Griffiths with a 4-0 win at Mursley United in their pre season curtain-raiser on Saturday.

Chris Stapleton

Jordan Appleton scored the first goal of the Griffiths era as he headed the Athletic in front in the 16th minute.

Jordan Appleton

Chris Stapleton scored on the stroke of half time to take the Athletic in two goals ahead at the break.

On 70 minutes Drew Mitten extended the visitors lead to three before Stapleton bagged his second of the game just two minutes from time.

Drew Mitten

OCA League: Results, scores & performers Saturday 14th July 2018

Division 1

E&W Hendred 214 (A Francis 61, B Jenkins 3-50, D Wiskin 3-53), Wootton & B 167 (M Glover 41, C King 37no, N George 5-28).

Marsh Gibbon 220-7 (R Shipperley 43, J Leonard, A Robinshaw 4-56), Faringdon 183-7 (J Tomes 56, A Johnson 40).

Stonesfield 239-8 (G Redknap 72, D Farrant 63no, J Burns 34, A Khan 5-52), Westcott 237-9 (T Burcham 59, A Khan 38, R Ullah 30, S Litten 3-53).

Wolvercote 179 (T Stewart-Liberty 88, R Pratley 3-51), Witney Swifts 181-5 (C Fisher 53no).

Oxenford 142 (R Gedera 71, M Adil 3-26), Yarnton & Cowley 143-8 (W Azad 39, H Hiscock 5-41).

Division 2

Cairns Fudge 163 (P Hammond 34, R Wastie 3-30, B Lucas 3-40), Stanton Harcourt 167-7 (B Lucas 78no, R Wastie 37, J Clark 3-27).

Chipping Norton 203-7 (C Karwita 56, J McGeown 30no), Hanborough 110 (R Taylor 34, J McGeown 3-17, M Elliott 3-24).

Wantage 129 (D Spencer 78no, S Hanson 5-21, S Wilkes 4-23), Middleton Cheney 133-5 (S Twynham 61, C Merry 44, B Martin 3-43).

Watlington 223 (S Strong 69, R Garimella 45, O Lewis 30), Tetsworth 187 (S Babu 45, R Patel 31, A Patel 30, O Lewis 4-41).

Division 3

Bampton (J Payne 31, J Blackford 3-30, K Ramzan 3-40), Kidlington 166-3 (S Kalyan 65no, C Woods 34).

Chadlington 145-8 (M Lambert 49no, D Kavanagh 3-25), Brill 146-5 (A Wynd 84no, C Atlas 4-42).

Broughton & NN 232-7 (A Parsons 126no, D Paterson 31, J Gooder 4-44), Dorchester 235-3 (C Graney 99, A Redhead 86no).

Marcham 172-9 (S Armstrong 85, J Thompson 4-36, M Kalyan 3-19), Risinghurst 176-4 (M Kalyan 77, L Bandhu 60no).

Kilkenny 276-3 (C May 104no, D Gordon 82, R Craddock 55no), West Ilsley 213-5 (A Barnes 112no, A Bloor 31, D Gordon 3-49).

Division 4

Combe 317-5 (R Nicholson 153, J Lenthall 68, M Westerby 30), Sunningwell 210 (N Lovell 96, P Bramwell 45, M Eeley 5-61, D Gardner 3-57).

Radley w/o Ducklington.

Steventon 229-9 (P Armstrong 54, M Sortur 50, R Knight 3-56), Hook Norton 205 (D White 85, P Armstrong 3-34, S Thompson 3-36).

Uffington 127-9 (D Painter 43, S Winskill 3-17), Shrivenham 131-4 (M Key 3-43).

Division 5

Kennington 203 (I Pullen 55no, J Spencer-Matthews 52, P Beckley 4-92, A Bateman 3-33), E&W Hendred 2nd 206-7 (I Clewley 52, A Cooke 47, L Richards 30, D Robson 3-77).

Kidlington 2nd 183 (A Oliver 76, J Launchbury 33, N Sadler 4-62, R Glenny 3-60), Wolvercote 2nd 184-3 (T Manzoor 62, C Potter 60, D Jones 38no).

Oxenford 2nd 165 (C Rainer 41, R Rowley 37, B Rendell 5-39, M Hall 3-47), Freeland 166-7 (M Buckingham 74, D Simpson 35, A Ali 4-37).

Swinbrook 96 (N Pothercary 34, H Zaman 7-16), Tetsworth 2nd 99-3 (R Stapleton 51).

Division 6

Dorchester 2nd 153-8, Letcombe 110.

Chalgrove 123 (R Armstrong 39, N Little 33, R Kumar 4-18, J Cole 3-22), Risinghurst 2nd 127-3 (R Naik 70).

Chesterton 188 (J Appleton 55, W Coles 4-49, D Quinn 3-23), Wolvercote 3rd 170 (G Appleton 4-43, V Manwalkar 3-47).

Chesterton w/o Wootton & BH 2nd.

Division 7 North

Chipping Norton 2nd 307-7 (E Phipps 105, N Wallington 75, A Dark 36, U Dogar 3-58), Kidlington 3rd 76 (J Owen 5-26).

Hook Norton 2nd 150 (O Raisbeck 52, J Davis 39, M Oldfield 4-30), Deddington 2nd 154-9 (C Buckingham 48no, O Roberts 39, J Davis 3-12, J Weaver 3-42).

Stonesfield 2nd 156 (B Hayes 58, J Souch 3-13, A Walker 3-28, J Woodward 3-43), Stanton Harcourt 2nd 160-5 (J Souch 50no, A Walker 38no, R Graham 35, D Taylor 3-69).

Westcott 2nd 213-8 (P Bateman 96, M Herriott 36, A Bakhtiar 4-48, S Rathee 3-65), Oxenford 3rd 140 (E Durbin 52, L Jeacock 4-10).

Division 7 South

Kennington 2nd 101 (G Liddiard 4-14, S Cornish 3-20), Faringdon 2nd 107-1 (S Smith 57no, S McDowall 38no).

Watlington 2nd 161 (M Taylor 37, J Saunders 34, M Davies 4-29), Harwell International 162-5 (A Hussain 42).

Steventon 2nd 110 (S Hawkes 32, C Wood 4-9), Kilkenny 2nd 111-0 (J Trinder 66no, I Jenkins 30no).

Sunningwell 2nd w/o Marcham 2nd.

Cherwell League: Results, scores & performers Saturday 14th July 2018

Cumnor 232-9 (M Race 46, C De Verteuil 34, B Hardern 31no, A Hodder-Williams 30, A Jhala 5-50), Gt Brickhill 236-9 (A Jhala 78no, D Aris 44, J Pattni 31, A Davis 4-29, M Mannering 3-64).

Long Marston 223-9 (H Sim 56, A Bee 51, M Fayyaz 6-46), Twyford 84 (J Hill 36, J Beesley 5-12, P Toovey 3-12).

Buckingham Tn 2nd 241-9 (M Thatcher 75, S Beck 60, S Younghusband 57, R Simpson 4-24, S Hart 3-61), Banbury 2nd 233-7 (J Lambden 73, J Megson 33, B Taylor 33, E Phillips 30, W Fayyaz 3-50).

Tiddington 180-9 (W Cooper 79, H Sutton 4-41, T Costley 3-14), Oxford Downs 181-2 (G Sandbach 60, C Sandbach 53no, A Beck 44).

Challow & Childrey 144 (J Penrose 49), Abingdon Vale 145-9 (W Barker 55, J Harris 4-23).

Division 2

Aston Rowant 2nd 209 (C Eaton 86, G Judd 3-55, R Tredwell 3-69), Westbury 213-6 (H Purton 55no, O Tice 48, G Judd 34no, T Gurney 30).

Sandford St Martin 110 (A Spears 4-30, A Webb 4-50), Didcot 111-3 (K Johnston 68).

Cropredy 270-9 (S Hussain 85, J Fox 61, D Pearce 4-71, W Woodward 4-92), Bledlow Village 89 (M Winton 43, J Heath 6-44, A Worby 4-40).

Leighton Buzzard Tn 221 (D Scott 65, M Burfoot 64, T Light 34, H Malik 5-66, I Butt 4-57), Wolverton Tn 222-8 (A Akhlaq 99, A Mujtaba 49, G Benger 4-48, T Pope 3-57).

Oxford 2nd 196 (M Sadiqi 59, D Mackay-Champion 32, L Heritage 4-52, A Rafiq 3-35), Horspath 2nd 192 (A Rafiq 54no, A Busby 4-57).

Division 3

Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 241-8 (G Adamson 58, P Mukherjee 39, W Mohammed 36, A Ahmed 32no, R Rabani 30, W Mehmood 3-44), Oxford Downs 2nd 177-9 (W Mehmood 73, J Sopett 36no, A Ahmed 4-50, I Mohammed 4-53).

Cublington 68, Gt & Little Tew 2nd 72-1.

Bicester & North Oxford 227-8 (D Savin 68, A Gibbins 65, D Eaton 4-74), Horley 141 (D Clark 33, M Woods 3-19, D Clark 3-47).

Gt Brickhill 2nd 114 (D Burrows 43, E Dunn 3-16, L Smith 3-24), Minster Lovell 117-4 (J Simpson 39, E Dunn 30no).

Stokenchurch 259-9 (J Triggs 57, M Ahmed 55no, M Simpson 3-69, I Mohammed 3-80), Banbury 3rd 162-9 (M Simpson 32no, J Triggs 4-41).

Division 4

Tiddington 2nd 170 (J Davis 59, J Davis 32, J Ramanadanpulle 5-51), Bletchley Tn 173-6 (M Shepherd 68, S Galvin 30, C Bird 5-55).

Thame Tn 2nd 127 (M Furness 55, R Cartwright 3-34), Brackley 131-5 (L Stone 60).

Long Marston 2nd 144 (Y Mistry 30, Z Jarvis 5-33, O Burney 4-65), Witney Mills 146-4 (Z Jarvis 38).

Shipton-under-Wychwood 2nd 169 (J Nelson 50, J Godfrey 6-52), Charlbury 172-3 (T Harris 100no).

Abingdon Vale 2nd 145 (R Hood 63no, J Cummings 32, F Khan 3-41), East Oxford 146-5 (J Qureshi 45).

Division 5

Leighton Buzzard Tn 2nd 226 (J Raine 42, R Krynauw 36, J Ali 3-27, D O’Sullivan 3-48), Dinton 2nd 229-9 (E Lloyd 55, M Ur Rehman 40no, J Ali 36, B Jeyanathan 35, R Krynauw 3-42).

Chearsley 259 (T Whitelaw 60, N Grimsdell 41, C Parker 40, S Coggins 3-9, C Plumbe 3-54), Cropredy 2nd 263-5 (G Buckingham 96no, J Jennings 47, G Sirimanne 37, C Plumbe 34).

Kingston Bagpuize 211-8, Didcot 2nd 166-9.

Cumnor 2nd 136 (G Setterfield 32, A Hodder-Williams 30, G Horsley 3-11, A Manger 3-29), Horspath 3rd 137-5 (C Wharton 31, E Davie 3-26).

Kimble 261-4 (B Rose 103no, U Khan 47, R Merriman 42), Aston Rowant 3rd 158 (B Rose 4-37, J Dumbarton 4-43).

Division 6

Minster Lovell 2nd 196 (J Mayers 46, F Wright 33, M Weller 4-34), Eynsham 197-8 (S Jones 82, B Spencer 4-71, D Faulkner 3-39).

Buckingham Tn 3rd 289-5 (Johnson 130, Peshwaria 67, Hart 3-101), Horley 2nd 278-7 (Wyatt 75, Tubb 53, P Moon 52, Fiaz 39, Dipple 3-35).

Twyford 2nd 263-8 (B Elkington 87, M Aslam 72), Sandford St Martin 2nd 96 (K Khalid 4-20).

Bledlow Ridge 237-5 (M Middleton 94, B Keeping 50, S Bird 33no), Oxford 3rd 233-8 (M Parry 60, J Cahir 51, A Loxton 3-29).

Challow & Childrey 2nd 237-8 (R Hales 64, T Pill 54no, M Konschel 40, S Partington 3-35), Banbury 4th 233-9 (A Pallett 76, M Turnbull 3-55, F Robson 3-55).

Division 7

Horspath 4th 218-6 (J Richardson 100no, M Naylor 68, B Boddy 4-36), Wolverton Tn 2nd 105 (G Handley 6-45, S Richardson 3-26).

Bicester & North Oxford 2nd 223-8, Bledlow Village 2nd 225-2.

Gt & Little Tew 3rd 153 (H Machin 53, H Simmonds 34, S Evans 6-61), Didcot 3rd 155-7 (A Naimanage 35, C Gaskin 4-16).

Westbury 2nd 317-6 (T Boardman 164, E Kinman 73), Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 2nd 217-7 (S Siddique 52, C Bethell 41).

East Oxford 2nd 227-9 (M Ayyaz 47, J White 4-48), Aston Rowant 4th 229-5 (D Coates 90no, D White 50, R Wilson 37).

Division 8

Challow & Childrey 3rd 248-8 (R Jones-Walters 121no, D Alder 35, E Bartram 4-61, M Doran 3-50), Charlbury 2nd 164-7 (A Glass 54, R Jenkins 35, G Rees 3-15).

Witney Mills 2nd 193-2 (M Pandurangan 79no, D Edwards 57no), Long Marston 3rd 171-8 (T Brooks 57, D Edwards 3-48).

Cublington 2nd 180-6 (S Godfrey 71, S George 61no, M Lowe 3-38), Brackley 2nd 181-2 (D Hedger 64no, P Ryan 40, M Lowe 31).

Shipton-under-Wychwood 3rd 76 (J Senior 32no, R Newman 4-11, D Emerson 3-27), Abingdon Vale 3rd 77-2 (D Martyn 43).

Oxford Downs 3rd 119 (D Tuttlebee 3-13, B Cater 3-18), Buckingham Tn 4th 122-3 (R Spragg 63).

Division 9

Tiddington 3rd 137-7 (P Wood 38no, J Clapton 4-33), Cumnor 3rd 140-2 (M Qureshi 54no, A Gray 51no).

Bledlow Ridge 2nd 165 (J Ahmed 46, M Harris 31, J Oates 3-27), Oxford 4th 146-9 (E Baldock 45, J Ahmed 4-25, S Ajmal 3-46).

Kingston Bagpuize 2nd 136 (P Temple 39, E Murray 35, R Tomlin 3-29), Thame Tn 3rd 138-5 (I Chappell 42no).

Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 3rd 95 (S Balendran 4-34, A Dawson 3-14), Bletchley Tn 2nd 101-3.

Stokenchurch 2nd 269-7 (S Leppard 70, P Langford 62, G Murton 54no), Kimble 2nd 270-6 (A Singh 97no, A Ahmed 37, B Senerath 32, J Springett 5-85).

Division 10

Dinton 3rd 300-7 (C Claydon 75, T Smith 53, B Kidner 39no, M Garrod 39, M Sheppard 3-79), Shipton-under-Wychwood 4th 156 (G Nelson 44, T Smith 4-15).

Eynsham 2nd 183 (R McLaughlin 5-42), Bicester & North Oxford 3rd 142 (N Walker 5-43).

Didcot 4th 234-6 (P Sykes 65no, A Henderson 62, D Alcock 4-34), Chearsley 2nd 114 (A Lazaruk 33no, S Ali 7-23).

Thame Tn 4th 190-9 (T Airstone 75, M Siriwardene 4-33), Abingdon Vale 4th 174-8 (P Railings 59, M Siriwardene 44, D Thompson 3-43).

Westbury 3rd 266-8 (T Halvorsen 68, D Osbourne 40, J Gurney 32, C Guliver 31, H Diab 3-53), Aston Rowant 5th 79-9 (T Brody 4-17).

Minster Lovell 3rd 107 (A Hussain 3-8), Cropredy 3rd 110-4 (A Beecroft 45).

CL D6: Johnson hits big century as Town III’s draw

Frank Johnson hit a big century as Buckingham Town III drew their trip to Horley II on Saturday.

Frank Johnson

Johnson made 130 as Town III posted 289 for 5 from their 53 overs in the Cherwell League, Division 6. Anant Peshavaria (67) was also in-form for the visitors.

Anant Peshavaria

In their run chase, Horley II fell eleven runs short with Matt Dipple’s three for 35 the pick of Town III’s bowling.

The result sees Brij Valambhia’s side placed fourth in the table after picking sixteen points to the home side’s nine yesterday.

HCPCL D2: Town cruise to Burnham win reports Andrew Holland

Buckingham welcomed Burnham to Bourton Road for the first time since 2008 on Saturday and asked the visitors to bat first on winning the toss.

Leigh Tomlinson

George Humphries struck early to remove the Burnham skipper for 2 as he edged to Andrew Hall at slip. Antum Naqvi came in at number 3 and scored 17 in a run a ball partnership of 38 with Omer Siddique before edging Russell White behind for 17. Siddique had moved on to 25 when a direct hit from Gurwinder Nagla left him well short of the crease and Burnham 54 for 3. Jack Deal chipped in with a wicket shortly after but Karan Kumar and Nehman Nadeem put on an unbeaten 37 to take the visitors to 111 for 4 at lunch.

Nadeem struck 3 early boundaries when play resumed, moving on to 36 from 33 balls in a partnership of 63 before Hall had him caught behind. Kumar carried on to his 50 (86 balls) and looked comfortable until he was well caught by Steve Brunning on the boundary for 62. Ben Stafford chipped in with a wicket in the next over before Humphries and White knocked over the tail with the final 3 wickets only managing 10 runs as Burnham were bowled out for 200. White took 3 for 41 and Humphries 3 for 50.

Leigh Tomlinson and Steve Brunning opened up for Buckingham and looked untroubled by the Burnham bowling. The pair scored steadily, aided by some average fielding, putting on an unbeaten 90 up to the tea break.

Immediately after tea Brunning reached his 50 (94 balls) followed shortly by Tomlinson (67 balls) in an opening stand of 124 before Naqvi broke the partnership, removing Brunning for 60. Ben Duckett came in at number 3 and took a liking to the Burnham spinners. With a combination of advancing down the wicket and reverse sweeps he scored 37 from 23 balls (32 in boundaries) to take Buckingham within 24 of victory when Muddassar Nawaz removed him in his first over. Ash Pearson fell late on before Buckingham sealed a 7 wicket victory as skipper Rob Large struck his only delivery for 4. Tomlinson batted through the innings to finish 77 not out.

With all of the top 4 sides winning Buckingham maintain their 31 point lead at the top of the table ahead of their trip to Harefield next week.

F. Raja * c Hall b Humphries 2 (19)
O. Siddique Run Out (Nagla) 25 (37)
A. Naqvi c Tomlinson b White 17 (19)
K. Kumar+ c Brunning b Humphries 62 (92)
A. Shabbir c Humphries b Deal 9 (29)
N. Nadeem c Tomlinson b Hall 36 (33)
A. Malik c Humphries b Stafford 16 (40)
M. Nawaz b White 6 (18)
F. Khan c Pearson b White 11 (15)
H. Arif Not Out 7 (12)
A. Shafiq lbw b Humphries 0 (2)
Extras (4b, 1lb, 2w, 2nb) 9
Total 200 all out
52.2 overs

FoW: 2-1 (Raja, 4.6); 40-2 (Naqvi, 11.4); 54-3 (Siddique, 13.1); 74-4 (Shabbir, 22.3); 137-5 (Nadeem, 35.3); 174-6 (Kumar, 44.2); 176-7 (Malik, 45.3); 190-8 (Nawaz, 49.2); 198-9 (Khan, 51.4); 200-10 (Shafiq, 52.2)

G. Humphries 12.2-2-50-3 (2w)
R. White 11-1-41-3 (1nb)
J. Deal 12-1-39-1
A. Hall 13-2-51-1
B. Stafford 4-0-14-1 (1nb)

L. Tomlinson+ Not Out 77 (91)
S. Brunning c Malik b Naqvi 60 (111)
B. Duckett c Khan b Nawaz 37 (23)
A. Pearson c Nawaz b Arif 12 (16)
R. Large* Not Out 4 (1)
Extras (11b, 1w) 12
Total 202-3
40.2 overs

FoW: 124-1 (Brunning, 30.3); 177-2 (Duckett, 35.4); 198-3 (Pearson, 40.1)

A. Malik 7-1-27-0 (1w)
A. Naqvi 8-0-51-1
H. Arif 5.2-1-24-1
A. Shafiq 8-3-37-0
F. Khan 9-1-45-0
M. Nawaz 3-0-7-1

Buckingham win by 7 wickets.

Buckingham – 25 points
Burnham – 6 points

SSMFL; Ampthill Town FC join Sports Shots

Sports Shots are delighted to announce that Ampthill Town FC are to join our list of clubs that we cover with immediate effect. The Spartan South Midlands Division One club have this summer recruited Paul Toms as their new manager for the season ahead, and the new man brought with him John Phillips as first team coach and one of their first calls was to Sports Shots to see if we’d add them to our portfolio of non-league clubs. After a brief conversation with both men and club chairman Gary Maidment it was agreed, and we welcome Ampthill Town on board, and wish them every success for the season ahead.

There have been several big changes at Ampthill Town over the past few years, the most notable being the new clubhouse that proudly stands behind the park end goal. To read the full story on the new and improved facilities from last year click here:

The club were formed back in 1881 but it wasn’t until the early 1950’s that they joined the South Midlands League where they  were relatively successful culminating in winning the league title in the 1959/60 season and finishing runners-up the following year. Just four years later the club finished bottom of the South Midlands Premier and moved over to the United Counties League where they remained for twenty-six seasons in various divisions before returning to the South Midlands in time for the 1991/92 season, where they have remained ever since.

New club facilities

In the eighteen seasons since the turn of the century, Ampthill have spent all bar four in the second tier (division one in today’s money), their most recent success being in 2011/12 where they finished runners-up to London Colney and were promoted to the premier division. Their first season saw them finish fifth, and the following year they claimed the runners-up spot to Hanwell Town, but the success was to be short lived as the following year a bottom two place finish saw ‘The Amps’ relegated back to division one, where they have finished in fourteenth position for each of the last three seasons.

FA Cup runs have eluded the club, not since 1986 have they progressed to the first qualifying round, but they have seen more recent success in the FA Vase. Having reached the third round previously in 1976/77, 1981/82, 1983/84 & 2007/08, they finally went one further in 2011/12 before going out in the fourth round and that run granted them entry into the competition much later the following year. Entering at the second-round stage, Town got as far as the fifth round before Hadleigh beat them by the odd goal in three at Ampthill Park. The following season saw the furthest the club have reached when a run to the quarter-finals eventually saw them knocked out at Eastbourne United.

After the opening of the new clubhouse last season, the club have again been busy this summer with the completion of a new barrier that runs around the perimeter of the playing area meaning the pitch is now fully enclosed. Images for the new barrier can be viewed here:

For anyone unfamiliar with the Spartan South Midlands League, Ampthill will this season be facing thirty-eight league games home & away, two separate South Midlands cup competitions, the FA Vase, and two separate Bedfordshire cup competitions. To keep up to date with Town’s progress and fixture list, use this link:;jsessionid=FC0D7153A16310DF92A9184A040B9F2D?divisionseason=288088660&teamID=352163946

Anyone looking for their football fix in Ampthill can take out an ATFC clubhouse membership, and for just £4.99 per month you receive free admission to every home game, a fully licenced bar at clubhouse prices, live TV sports nights, and the bar also has BT Sports. The perfect opportunity for the people of Ampthill to get behind their football club.

The club are looking for helpers to get involved behind the scenes if anyone has some spare time to volunteer. General committee members are required for match day duties, as well as a secretary & an assistant child welfare officer for the youth section. For any businesses looking to advertise, there are some very competitive packages available, and the clubhouse is always available for hire for parties or meetings. Anyone interested in any of the positions or hiring the club should contact Gary on 07450 018848.

Sports Shots went to meet new 1st team manager Paul Toms and spoke about his thoughts on joining the club, and his vision for the future. The whole interview can be viewed here:

Anyone tuning into Sports Shots for the first time, to follow any news on your club scroll down our page to the index of categories and click on your team as shown below (click on image):

Sports Shots would like to thank everyone for their time at Ampthill Town FC, and we look forward to working with them this forthcoming season!

FCCL; Horwood face Olney side they know little about

Great Horwood CC travel to Olney Town on Saturday in a game that will see two form teams go head to head, the hosts have won their last three matches whilst Horwood have triumphed in three of their last four.

Josh Nix

Sports Shots caught up with captain Stuart Parker ahead of the game:

We travel to Olney off the back of last weeks good win at Thurleigh, the reverse fixture was the one fixture to fall victim to rain this season, so we know very little about them.

We have lots of changes again with Glyn Davies, Dom Pritchard, Simon Ridgway & Billy Harper all unavailable. Josh Nix plays only his second game of the season with spin duo Haydon Morrison & Olly Prendergast both returning along with Ken Cronshaw & Sam Krajnyk


S Parker
A Armitage
D Armitage
K Cronshaw
S Krajnyk
C McStraw
H Morrison
J Nix
O Prendergast
R Taylor
S Willett

The match starts at 1.30pm

Parsons to lead Bucks Academy for Free Foresters opener

Bucks CCC Academy start their season when they play Free Foresters at Radley College in a three day game (Monday 16th – Wednesday 18th) starting at 11am.

Cameron Parsons

Cam Parsons will skipper the side that also will include the last two winners of the Wisden Schools Cricket of the Year. Current holder, Teddie Casterton, and 2016 season winner AJ Woodland are named in the starting eleven.

Teddie Casterton


AJ Woodland

Bucks Academy: Cam Parsons (Captain), Teddie Casterton, AJ Woodland, Dan Ogden, Mo Choudhry, Tahir Kazmi, Stephen Croft, Sulaiman Akhtar, Will Hatton (wk), Imran Malik, Yash Rastogi, Samiullah Sajid.

Unicorns Championship: In-form Payne praises table-topping Bucks

The in-form Michael Payne praised his Bucks team mates after they returned from Northumberland joint top of the Unicorns Championship, Eastern Division table.

The former skipper has flourish this campaign as he has scored two centuries and a fifty in his three Championship innings.

Michael Payne

Payne told Sports Shots:

We (Bucks CCC) had a successful trip up to Northumberland winning within the two days.

The tone was set right from the off with two personal best scores for Bucks from Masoor Khan (63) and Dan Marles (99) giving us an excellent platform to post a big first innings total. Later on in the innings some great cameo knocks from Shelvin Gumbs and Robin Pritchard that made sure the innings was finished off in style. Also a special mention for captain Tom Hampton who hit his first ball for 6! I still think he should of declared there with a strike rate of 600!

From a personal point of view it felt great to carry on the form from the Bedfordshire game at Tring Park. Posting 440 in the first innings at Northumberland and 383 in the first innings at Tring is a sign of the maturity of our batting line up.

Our bowling and fielding performance throughout the game was nothing short of professional. Tom Hampton took centre stage getting 5 wickets first innings and 8 in the game. All of the bowling group were superb picking up wickets regularly and not giving the batsmen the chance to score freely.

To bowl a team out for under 200 in a championship game was a fantastic achievement.

It’s always a tough ask to make a team follow on as the bowlers don’t get much respite, especially for the seamers but they went about their work exceptionally well setting the standard the second time round.

Our fielding in both innings backed up the bowling efforts taking the chances when they came and stopping everything.

The great thing for me about the performance was every single player contributed in some way to make it a thoroughly enjoyable win.

We’ll be looking to make it 3 wins from 3 games in our game against Lincolnshire at Chesham CC.

Latest table: